Is the Story Forums like Quite or something?

It seems like people who are talking about Overwatch Lore is kind of lessing atleast. I wonder is there more activity to the Story Forums for Overwatch?

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We “lore readers” are often ignored or belittled, especially with OW23 which put more emphasis on making 5v5 work rather than PVE (released very late). Many of our lore-based sources are based on unlocking in-game voicelines rather than a full story campaign, or are all relegated to external sources such as books. In the past it made sense to have a lore section with writers answering questions, but now… a little less. also very depressing is the fact that Kiriko’s lore is far from resolved in age and “magic”. What I definitely don’t like… is when the forum focuses too much on ship wars, like that of Genji / Pharah / Mercy, or on the LGBT theme in general, ignoring everything else. I’ve already faced this type of criticism even in some “narrative shortcuts” of how we got OW2 with a huge roster of heroes already available (new blood).

However, I think it’s a nice way to help us connect the pieces of this lore, at least for the few users who have remained interested in talking about it. I would like more participation from the developers in these types of conversations just like they do in books like declassified or now in blizzcon talking about Mauga having two hearts. the resentment of “that cher could have been the PVE of OW2” really blocks the enthusiasm of talking about it / discovering its future. There is disillusionment, or on the part of some, a lot of mistrust which is not always filled with the recent correction of Sojourn’s biographical lore after much feedback from the community.

if your question is “does overwatch lore have a future?” I say yes, it can have it. But the developers can’t afford to hope that there will be the same enthusiasm for the lore as in the past through expensive skins and biographical sources without gameplay.

in my opinion they should have done it with an official timeline with links, not with yet another “coming soon” (also for the fate of archives). OW2 has had countless silent retcons, and community feuds over what is and isn’t canon are out of control despite us having far less material from historic IPs like WoW. It’s not right that one of Blizzard’s youngest franchises is ruined due to negligence in the order of information, this is definitely what I would correct as soon as possible. the Genesis mini series is an example of systematic info. Declassified book too. but you definitely need a better “hub” for all this info, as happened years ago when an early version of the OW2 website included a small timeline of events with links to the media.


The problem is that Blizzard treats the lore very neglectfully and the lore is in an absolutely critical condition, or is already a burning wreck. (No timeline, tons of plot holes, numerous retcons, illogical age of heroes)
The fact that PvE, which is what OW2 was supposed to do, only has 3 missions that are Archives+ after a year isn’t exactly helpful.

Accordingly, interest in the lore has pretty much imploded, even though Overwatch once had a lot of potential.

And I have the feeling that it will contain a number of retcons again and remain very vague.

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At this point I can accept retcons, especially those that erase old statements declared by the developers lost over the years. but not when there are contradictions with what arrives today, like Kiriko’s age which contradicts Shimada’s age maintained with his origins video.

I can accept the retcon of McCree’s name (sorry about Wikia, but Cassidy never “changed his name” canonically)… but they still have to help me to correctly understand the media made available in the game’s website, such as the Kindle version of Deadlock Rebels or the comic in which McCree appears for the first time.

I can even accept errors caused by info spam like research. chronologically it doesn’t make sense to see Orisa in the period in which Zaryah travels around the world, I have to accept the implausibility that Zaryah traveled for months in search of Sombra… but I definitely can’t accept nonsense restylings like those of Sigma or Wreckign Ball which never had space in ow1 lore.

this is why I would like there to at least be an officially defined “timeline” to help anyone orient themselves in the characters’ lore.

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with no pve, no story, no cinematics, no comics, what lore we have? whats the point to comment theories or headcanons if there is nothing to talk about? just stupid pairings, boring

The problem is another: we have films, we have PVe, we have comics, we have books, we have short video orgiins and we have voicelines and relationships between the heroes… but we lack a single source of consultation.

The in-game codex sold with the mission mode is done quite well… but it doesn’t know how to manage connections with online media at all. Nor does he bother to give tidy timelines of ALL the events. It would have been very nice to have a hub/timeline that continually changes as the story evolves with new characters, but there’s nothing like it.

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everything you mention was already discussed long ago because everything was relased long ago, we have nothing new to talk, only stupid pairings.

here is another big problem “sold” excuse me, pay to know about lore? and useless lore, the codex have nothing usefull we couldnt know in the fan wiki

the problem is that it could have been sold as a lore hub along with official links to various media (example I always give, the rough timeline we had on the first ow2 website in 2020). the way it’s handled now it just looks like text with no links.

it is only useful in the “retconning” side of some temporal information… but only ONE post among the many mentioned does it. it only fulfills the biographical role that has always been given to the website, but doesn’t help players explore it - actually read it. even the in game media is clumsy, like the dallery with sojourn where there is a cinematic trailer for her… but if you go to the other heroes there is NOTHING for them.

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Exactly, D.Va’s, Mei’s, Tracer’s, all of them on youtube but NONE of them are tied to their in game profiles.