Is the game designed to always make you wait to login?

Just wondering because for the last 48 hours no matter what time of day, it always puts you in a Q, at this point I am starting to think they deliberately set it up to ALWAYS make you wait before getting into game. I suppose they are still blaming a MASSIVE DDOS attack that has lasted 48 hours and still on going, but I don’t buy that, but what do I know, I have been working IT for 30 years, 7 of which I spend at the C-level, so I must not have any idea what I am talking about.

I played OW1 from the first day of closed beta back in 2015 until the end, and so far OW 2 is just not holding up,

  1. the 5v5 was a mistake,
  2. the matches now do not feel team based at all its almost a free for all
  3. Target acquisition is FUBAR, very difficult to spot and acquire targets
  4. the excess speed is overdone makes the game all about twitchy reactions rather than skill or strategy.
  5. why do all the weapon sounds now sound high pitched and totally different than OW1, was it really neccessary to dedicate development time to changing the weapon sounds, espcially when players probably would have enjoyed the same sounds as OW1 when they fire their weapons?

I could keep going but it seems we have another shooter where skill and strategy do not matter, just how fast your twictchy reaction speed it, its almost like they wanted to follow the COD pattern.

Really cannot wait for BLizz to get new owners, activision has done nothing but run down a Great gaming company.

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Skill or strategy always results in meta abuse like goats

They actually aren’t now - not really. There’s a newer thread in announcements that covers all the issues they are currently having and what they are doing to resolve them.

As someone who just expected some communication during this mess, it pretty much covered the majority of my current technical concerns.

If you actually do, then you should know botnets dont “rest” mate, so this is normal.
After a while, the mitigation, specially if its cloud related will work more effectively and the logins will happen way better.

If you try to switch Auth servers from the app, Ive been finding Asia works way better than EU for example.

This is categorically false.
The game is literally the same, just faster and less forgiving (because theres less mitigation or people to bulk/body block). Thats it.

Play Apex or CoD and then go back to Overwatch 2, its definitely way way way different. Make no mistake, this was always an FPS, since release, but at some point along the way (2018) this started becoming a CD game and now its back to its FPS roots.

And thats how its going to be. Adapt or leave. Thats all the options there are :man_shrugging:

Then you are playing the game wrong.

There’s something wrong with either your game settings, your screen settings or your eyes. Targets are incredibly easy to spot and have a bright red outline by default.

HMMM, Hyphen - my statement that the game is all about twitch reaction now as opposed to before is actually 100% FACTUAL - you are totally incorrect and have no idea what you are talking about.

Your assumptions that I havent played APEX,COD etc really makes you look like an A$$, because you are wrong about that as well (you do seem to be good at being wrong though)

Your are welcome to disagree, but you are not even qualified to judge me or to say I am incorrect. MY opinion is at LEAST as valuable as yours, and I feel the game is devolved down to a standard run of the mill, nothing special or noteworthy, TWITCH FPS just like APex, COD etc .

Btw your adapt or leave comment is FUNNY - OW2 is EASIER than OW1 - its takes LESS SKILL - there is no adapting… it just ez and IMHO not as much fun, I might as well play Apex, at least it lets you into the game.

Anyway HYpen, I am glad you think OW2 is awesome, but I don’t, I do not need, YET another FPS clone of COD/Apex/etc - aren’t there enough average FPS out there, but nope people like you need another crappy clone.

Its a real shame

Good one

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Pipotchi - Please tell that to the roughly 40 friends I have spoken with and they have all 100% had problems with tracking their targets, maybe its because we are all older gamers, and the youngsters don’t have an issue, IDK not an expert in age related vision changes, but its not “just me” if you look around you will find people on Reddit and here who have the same problems.

Vision and reaction speed does deteriorate with age. If the people you’re talking to are around your age and you’re old enough to have 30 years in a single field, I’d assume that age is definitely a factor.
It may just be that it’ll take you longer to adapt to the visual differences than younger people.

Per Jodie’s update yesterday, the queues are being temporarily throttled while they scale up the database, which was has been overloaded.

They only experienced the DDOS attacks on launch day. Per Aaron Keller’s tweet, they seem to have been hit by 2.

Edit: Also, apparently the High Precision Mouse Input isn’t enabled by default in OW2, and reportedly people have been finding their aim problems to be resolved when they turn it back on.

There was no queue for the Asia region for some reason.

now they have “mobile ready” sounds =)