Is something supposed to happen this week

Idk i just saw overwatch trending and didnt bother opening it tbh


They are gonna start a 1 month season of Overwatch competitive on Thursday

Right after canceling lootbox purchases on Wednesday.

And Craig seems to be suggesting it will be interesting.

Oh and all that NDA stuff, with content creators etc.


I think they are about to start releasing news this Thursday to start hyping up the game, it would make sense one month to go, they prolly have a advertising and reveal/ hype plan about to start

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Rein only setting enabled

Basing on the usual press game companies do, they are going to:

  • “officially” announce the game (a playable build that’s not a beta)
  • announcement of new features that are not available in beta (battlepass and new mode)
  • a new upcoming event to “look forward for more”

What i would like, but won’t happen:

  • new character reveal(s)
  • a playable demo

I think they may drop some more details on fox girl, don’t see why they wouldn’t; maybe an origin story to get ppl hyped, I could see it

They’re going to delete all the supports and make us find health packs

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I think we might be getting some news :thinking:

Where have they said this? as far as I know we currently do not know what will happen when the season ends. I’ve been really curious what they will do because no one has said anything as far as I know.

@kevinAteNine posted the blue text above this msg, and what the heck is (^^)v

Yay just what i wanted

Another month of throwers to make me avoid comp :grinning:

I hope so so much I am so febrile for OW2

Well if you sub to WoW and don’t have Shadowlands yet… you get Shadowlands for free! Yyaaaaayyy…

That happened this week.

Pretty sure he meant just an announcement for season 36 even if there is going to be info for OW2.

Oh are they actually doing a month of comp? I missed that announcement then

There wasn’t any.
The old announcement just says that season 36 will starts after.

I guess it’s a cheery emoticon.

Maybe we’ll finally get the lost experimental or even something that goes further to bridge the gap between OW1 and 2. I don’t have high hopes for either, but maybe?