Is Sombra Bad (For Overwatch)?

Note this is for Console not PC. Calm down everyone.

ok, if you have no argument just repeat the usuals. got it.

Im saying that it is not fair to get flamed by a playing a Hero you like if you want to play Solo or duo. What argument should I make?

“No ur just dumb u not no how game wurks” or what?

You gave me nothing to argument about.

you said “sombras get kicked out of LFG… so silly”… i told you “make your own LFG then”… “its still unfair”…

the point is you complain about getting thrown out of LFG but don’t want to make your own, you just keep repeating what you write in all the other topics. you are trying to run in circles :wink:

People leave if I create my own as soon as they know im a Sombra player what I understood from your reply was making a group woth friends.

I can sympathize with that…

Lots of people believe she’s weak, because on her own, she kinda is.
She depends on her teammates.

I usually don’t mind fighting her. It’s just when she hard counters you in the middle of a big fight and then suddenly you just, die.
Feels like a cheap death that you couldn’t have prevented.

Bugs confirmed by blizzard too. I mean…

You seem to be going about this in a respectful manner, and I do sympathize and somewhat understand.

I think sombra disables enemies to enable her allies. I have never heard anyone happier with the game than my allies working well after a hack. Coordination is required for her to be effective, but coordination also can help you survive the hack.
You aren’t without your abilities for the entire game, you’re without them for a fight. And you’d still beat the sombra 1 on 1 with most characters.
I think she’s good for the game.

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The same could be said of Hanzo too, and unlike Sombra, Hanzo doesn’t need coordinated teammates to make you suddenly die, he can melt you himself. Same with Doomfist and Widow.


Less than 1% of 40,000,000 accounts pick Sombra on a regular basis. If you’re really encountering that many Sombras something is wrong. Hanzo is much more powerful, has less counter play and is played much more often.

Doomfist has much stronger cc, ohk and combos, has more health and has better viability in a team fight. But you’re right, Sombra is the problem here.


Lol, right?

What do I know, though. I’m a Sombra main who doesn’t think Sombra is broken. Clearly my opinion doesn’t count :joy:

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I don’t think she’s broken. Its just when she clearly needed help they changed her playstyle and it doesn’t seem like they have anything else in store for her. She’s in this weird spot of not quite being bad, but she’s not exactly good either. Like McCree, you can make her work really well or you could get the same impact playing another dps with half the effort.

Yeah, I agree. It was just such a weird change that didn’t address her shortcomings, really… :confused:

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And knowing Blizzard, its going to be one of those “you asked for change, so you got it” kind of situations where they go back to ignoring us for a while.


Sombra is at the very least tricky to play properly, you need to actually practice a good amount of time with the character before you see significant results.

There are currently characters in the game that I would personally deem bad for overwatch due to their lack of needing to properly practice to gain significant result but they are rarely addressed.

I mean I wouldn’t say she’s broken. I think she could use some help. I think she should have her base speed increased to tracer’s and genji’s. Her stealth would still be slower than old stealth anyway.

My big thing is visual indicator for hacked enemies. In what world is giving enemies a slightly redder aura a good indicator?

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But get this right… It’s also swirly, so they can definitely see it.

How is this any worse than stun. You can still shoot and move. You’re losing your abilities (which Sombra needs the advantage to have a chance), not being castrated. Sombra’s not a big problem for me as I know how to play around her. I suggest you learn the same.

And for some reason Blizzard acknowledged these bugs’ existence… but sure. ‘No evidence’.

In a PvP game anything can spoil the game for others though.
To me oneshots and stuns are way worse than hack.