Is Soldier 76 a good hero for Solo Queue in Season 12?

I’m new to Overwatch and Season 12 is my first ever season. The hero who I’ve played the most so far has been Soldier 76. I like him because I come from CS GO. So yesterday I finished my placements and got Platinum. I don’t have any friends who play Overwatch so Solo Queue has been my only option. I main 3 heroes in competitive: Soldier 76 as DPS, Reinhardt as Tank and Briggite as Support. I made this post because I wanted to know if any of these heroes are underpowered at the moment, especially Soldier 76.

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76 is in a poor spot because unless you have godlike accuracy, his burst isn’t particularly impressive. Thanks to Brigitte, burst is the only way you can take down an opponent, which explains 76’s horrific pick rates in the last season.

Just go pick Brigitte lol. She gets everything done with 20% of the skill. Why even bother learning other heroes?


Soldier isn’t necessarily underpowered, and he can be effective in many situations. The issue is that he is currently overshadowed by other heroes on the roster. However, if you enjoy playing him then do so.

In the hands of a skilled player, any of the heroes can work. Especially one as consistent as Soldier, who offers sustained and burst damage. Rein and Brigitte are both in a good place at the moment so keep up with them, but maybe branch out to add an off-tank and main healer to your repertoire as well. Zarya’s tracking would mesh well with Soldier’s, and if you have good aim Ana is extremely effective.


Thanks for the helpful reply!

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if you want to play dps play Widow, Hanzo or if you have an Ana thats somewhat competent go Genji everything else isnt really that viable

OK but which DPS hero is in a good spot right now?

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You are amazing and never let anyone tell you otherwise.

It’s your first season and you placed in Platinum?!?!
You should know, that’s a very good thing.

Soldier is a well rounded hero, but sees less play into higher ranks currently… due to the “Meta” being focused around stuns and high burst damage…

But if you can output a good amount of healing/damage you should be just fine… as for the Solo que part, i basically solo queued ever since the release of this game, all up until recently, Especially with the introduction of the LFG (Looking For Group) System.

I can’t guarantee you’ll find the best of people through using it, but it’s definitely worth a try. You may end up with a worth while team and even some new friends. :3

Hmm… that would be a complicated question to answer.

Probably most hitscan with the only exception being Mccree if you don’t Really trust your aim that day.

A Good Widowmaker (Same problem as Mccree) Can still help pick apart an enemy team in this meta.

As wildly different as he is, Doomfist can be an extremely effective hero at the moment…

The only real statement i have on this is that you should be careful with Reinhardt… He’s got a lot of bugs, and some of his abilities (And ultimate specifically) Are slightly unreliable at times… I would suggest Orisa as another Great Tank to sink some time into.
Especially since her “Fortify” Ability can keep her from being stunned or otherwise moved.

(I still need to do that myself… lol)

~ChibiFox~ :fox_face:

Play the DPS hero you feel more comfortable with and is the most fun for you.

If the hero is fun you will keep playing them and you should get better at them organically. If you are not sure about anything else other than soldier, then I suggest spending a little time in quick play getting a feel for the other DPS. I’d strongly suggest learning at least one tank and healer too.

Just as important, learn team composition, positioning, the map layouts, and ult economy, which heros mesh well with others. This game is a far cry from any FPS you are used to playing. You win or lose as a team. Get comfortable working with a team.


Genji if you have an Ana that ult combos with you

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I would say Hanzo, Widow, Doomfist. All three offer excellent burst damage and good range. Whatever Doomfist’s name suggest, he is in essence a ranged projectile character–only that he himself is the projectile. if you check out clips from, say, Brandito, the positions he takes are all ranged position. They simply make use of rocket punch to close distances and then Seismic slam to combo someone out of the fight

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Thanks for the awesome reply!

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You’re Welcome! :blush:

Chibi’s always here on the Forums (Almost always) If you need to ask about anything.

You can find me and other helpful Bastion mains over in the Bastion MegaThread:
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If you play under diamond he can be decent. But if you want a strong solo queue hero I would recommend Brigitte or hanzo.

When you are above diamond he is really bad and you shouldn’t play him unless you have godlike aim but even then you should rather play widow, meccree or hanzo.

Tracer is still a solid pick on those ranks.
Shes easy to learn but very hard to master fully.

What rank does Baguette get played a lot on? It seems like she’s becoming the new Genji where she’s always on every match but I barely see her in my matches. I play in low Diamond.
Also on the subject matter, I think 76 is never not a good pick. He’s a good all-rounder and completely viable in any situation.

Theres no DPS in this meta haha

Reinhardt, Zarya, D.Va, Brigitte, Moira, Lúcio

Play Soldier all you want, but if they have Brigitte and/or dive tanks, you won’t have a good time.

You really need to focus on supports first, otherwise it will take days to kill anything.