Is Smurfing "Unfair Advantage" Bannable?

A Smurf Has Unfair Advantage Over Other Players And Should Be Banned

I was wondering, there are so many things that grants unfair advantage in the game.

144hz monitor gives me an unfair advantage over 60hz monitor players.

So if I use a 144hz monitor, is that bannable?

Switching heroes in game to counter the enemy, it gives you an unfair advantage over them.

Switching to hard counters is bannable?

Since the forum agrees “Voice Chat Is Toxic”. Behaving well in voice comm and not being toxic grants an unfair advantage.

Should nice people in voice comms get banned?

The forum would have you believe all DPS players can’t aim. Able to aim grants the player an unfair advantage.

This worries me the most. My aim is pretty good, am I going to get banned?

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That’s why it’s not bannable, only the throwing to stay low is. If people dont report you for the games you throw and only for the games you carry you wont get banned.


I suspect I know who you are quoting. He thinks if he repeats a falsehood enough times it becomes true, so he keeps spamming the forums with that line. Pay him no mind.

To be fair, that’s an option both teams have.

However, I do agree with your point here. Smurfing itself isn’t bannable, but every action in which you can put yourself in a position to smurf (either throwing or account sharing) is completely against the rules and IS bannable.


Are you not technically boosting your team if you play your best as a smurf and win

Are you not technically throwing when you play badly unintentionally?

Surprise… answer is no to both. If the smurf bought a new account, unintentially places low, doesn’t throw, he will climb out and be out of your way. This is fine.

The part that isn’t fine is throwing games to remain at an SR you do not belong in. That’s why climbing out isn’t reportable but throwing is. How many times does this need to be repeated to be drilled into peoples’ heads.

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Because you don’t believe it, doesn’t make it less true. Climbing out of a lower rank, even if you are far better, is not reportable. If a GM player buys a new account and places plat/diamond (where almost all new accounts place), he will be smurfing until he climbs to his true rank in GM. As long as he doesn’t throw games to stay in plat/diamond, he has done absolutely nothing wrong. He will climb out of plat/diamond and be on his way.

Throwing to stay in a rank you don’t belong in, is reportable. Winning is not. Drill this into your head.

Umm. I just quoted Jeff, who said that rolling a new account is fine, as long as the person plays normally. I don’t know if you meant to reply to someone else or you had a reading comprehension failure, but staying that I’m the one who needs my head drilled is rather ironic.

If someone has a new account he can play badly intentionally to be placed in a low rank, stomp some games and throw some afterwards. As it is a new account people in the matches he performs poorly will always think he is new and just bad :wink: This is the major problem -> You can tank your SR and MMR and then even if you go nuts for 3-4 matches you will only get like 35-40 SR at max and then people just throw back to the previous SR.

With a new account and while smurfing you have to be really stupid to get banned (like admitting it openly ingame in the chat) or really jump from the map to derank. Otherwise it is so easay in this game to get your MMR hardstuck :wink:

I report smurfs. On the way down, they are throwing, and are bannable. On the way up, they are boosting and are bannable. If they are on the way up and soloQ…why? I can’t think of any reason other than inflicting misery on others. Not really bannable, but I report anyway as you just wasted my time.

So if someone with a new account is bad you report him because he is a smurf while he is a legit new player :smiley: You made my day

Yeah, no.

Honestly the mods should read what you wrote, check your account for mass reporting and just perma ban you outright if this is how you behave.

You’re basically saying you report all new accounts whether you win or lose, whether they did well or not.

WTF is actually wrong with you.


No ones calling out the mistake?

People should look up unfair.

Other than that pretty much the discussion is spot on. Gameplay sabotage - playing to lose - is bannable and on the list.

Playing super good - playing to win - is not.

Grouping with people to intentionally boost them is reportable. SoloQ is not this and should be confused with it.

But, if in doubt, just report everyone with “Smurf” in their name…