Is Smurfing a violation/reportable?

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Could you answer the questions that debunk your idea.

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Do you believe this source? Direct enough?

It really isn’t.

Say you’re a Master player playing on your Platinum smurf, and you give a lower then your average Master performance in a match. You’re still going to be better than the Platinum players in the match.

So you didn’t “play extremely well” but you still dominated thanks to your unfair advantage.

It has nothing to do with playing extremely well and everything to do with taking higher tier experience and game sense into lower tier matches.

The two things are completely and utterly different.

It may surprise you to know that masters players play extremely well compared to plats even on their off games. “Extremely well” is in reference to their enemies/teammates. Not themselves. Otherwise consistant climbing and improving outside of ranked would both be bannable since they would have the same advantage.

But you don’t seem to believe anything we are saying, so we’ve quoted Jayne saying that alt accounts can be fine, and Jeff Kaplan saying that alternate accounts are not against the rules. You believe them?

Jayne who? Some random Youtubers opinion doesn’t matter any more than yours or mine does. All that matters is what the game states, and the game states unfair advantage = cheating.

As for Jeff, well he never commented on the fact that a Master player on a Platinum smurf has an unfair advantage in games that they play until they eventually reach the same SR as their main.

As I noted above, Jeff never commented on the fact that a Master player on a Platinum smurf has an unfair advantage in games that they play until they eventually reach the same SR as their main.

Except several others on the forum have had this exact conversation with you multiple times over many months. Your perception here is flawed. Your comprehension is flawed. No matter how many times its explained to you you refuse to understand that you have a flawed understanding here.

Its willful ignorance. You want it to be your way so you literally refuse reality.

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Justin “Jayne” Conroy. Head coach for overwatch world cup’s team Canada, assistant coach to Dallas Fuel from the overwatch league, huge twitch and YouTube overwatch educational content creator, and probably one of the most recognized and respected names in all of overwatch.

And they literally said making new accounts isn’t against the rules. Only throwing and boosting is. I’m sorry that isn’t direct enough for you, but being better than your sr from experience at higher levels is not reportable.

Everyone else that has looked at this thread, the officaial reporting definitions, overwatch pros, and overwatch lead developers agree that it isn’t. Of you still arent willing to change your mind or even get off the high ground to argue actual reasoning, I guess there is nothing else to say. You win. Bye

So not a member of the Overwatch development team and thus not someone that has any say over the rules of Overwatch. Got it.

Which is just their opinion.

It is if you’re intentionally giving yourself an unfair advantage by playing on a lower tier account when you’re a higher tier player.

That’s what the rules of the game state.

You cannot, with any degree of certainty, claim that “everyone” that has looked at this thread agrees.

Once again, it’s not about what I think. It’s about what the rules of the game state.

Jeff Kaplan already responded saying it’s not reportable unless they’re boosting or throwing.

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Smurfing is what OW is all about. See you make another account that is just “for fun” or just a “tank account” and you’ll probably rank a little lower than your main. Then if you ever start losing or get mad then switch to your good hero’s and knock the entire balance of the game off and win.

Smurfing is fun and a healthy part of the matchmaking system.

No, he said that it’s not a problem because a player on a smurf account will soon reach the SR of their main.

He failed to address the impact in games that a high tier player has when they are playing on a lower tier smurf given that they have an unfair advantage over players actually at those lower tiers, and the in game reporting system says anything that affords an unfair advantage is cheating.

It absolutely is not.

It is a detriment to the game and makes matchmaking (and thus Competitive) a complete and utter joke.

Unfair advantage how? If a diamond support or tank main buys an alt account to play dps on, and they’re only a gold tier dps player, is that unfair? How, game sense? So youre saying that you having less knowledge and awareness is not your own fault, and only you get to decide what game sense belongs in which tier?

Reports are not verified and bans are automated so the answer is always yes.

Report as gameplay sabotage and don’t even put any text in and they will eventually get banned.

Well Blizz 100% supports smurfing so I think you must be incorrect. The matchmaker is good and so is smurfing. Everything is great, sure things could always be better but this is about as close to perfection as a matchmaker can get.

False reporting will also eventually get you banned.

“Starting a new account is not against the rules,” Papa Jeff says. “Boosting or throwing is against the rules. If you start a new account and play normally, the matchmaker determines your skill level very quickly and matches you with similar players.”

Right from papa smurf Kaplan himself.

Actually, they don’t rank up rather quickly, because the entire system is a giant quagmire of smurfs, throwers, and everyone has a shiny new “alt” account. And even if they’re not playing their “main” in a lower SR tier, they still have the higher ranked skillsets {IE: Situational awareness, mechanical skill, positioning). They can’t choose to be situationally dumb, or mechanically bad, or else it’s throwing, right?

So they ARE actually using higher tiered mechanical skills, situational awareness, and positioning to their advantage, which is on par with a higher ranked SR Tier, being used in a lower rank SR tier; ergo, akin to cheating, or at the very least a substantial advantage that players in lower tiers don’t have because… THEY’RE IN LOWER TIERS. And you claim it’s fair? It’s not fair at all lol.

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iv read a post like yesterday, where Jeff kaplan said Smurfs are not reportable WTF. and that guy used to Claim negative things in the EQ forums and being toxic when he was a player, wow what hypocrisy he would never listen to us about smurfing unless if its possible to pay extra money to avoid smurfing actually IDM if they freaking do that. Hey i dont want to be a sh1thead but am F***** sick and tired of the balance and the smurfs in every F*** game