Is Pharah going to be dead next patch?


She really does or any least some major buffs to her kit


I am just gonna play Pharah on the ground like a suicidal junkrat next patch. Im too scared of Mercy’s healing nerf, and McCrees falloff buff, Hanzo’s storm bow, the god Widow in literally every match, and Mei’s falloff removal buff to be airborne anymore

us Pharah mains have been crapped on for a year and a half now though with no buffs while everyone around us gets buffed so it’s not anything new. Just gonna keep playing the suicide queen masochistically :confused:


They are? Where does it say that? Proof please.


It’s possible, it will definitely be harder from what I am hearing about McCree on the ptr.
But if I can’t Pharah I will probably McCree or Hanzo.


Yes I was thinking the same think after reading Mercy nerf. Even now a good Mcree can shot down pharmercy but after the Mcree buff and Mercy nerf, Pharah will join the “troll picks” club.

I sometimes read on the forums people say " Overwatch team don’t play their games, they have no idea how balance works" I believe this is true. You can’t just indirectly nerf a hero who has mediocre pickrate. You have to buff pharah to not to make her fall from her place.



Rest In Peace rocket queen… :cry: hopefully if she does head for the toilet she’ll get potentially buffs in the future.


I don’t think the Mercy nerf will effect Pharmercy that much because she still has damage boost and 50 hps pocket heal is still huge imo. But the new McCree will DEFINITELY make things harder for the combo.


I was thinking more like air dodging, and fastfalling.

Maybe canceling her ultimate halfway through.


This would actually be huge for her imo. Being able to sidestep while hovering


Problem with Pharah is it’s hard to justify a character that is immune to damage from half the roster.

As soon as the Pharah comes out you either pick hitscans or lose it’s as simple as that.

I personally wouldn’t be against buffing her defensively provided they revert the fact she can pretty much infinitely stay in the air.


Blame the terrible Pharah players who kept running PharMercy.


I feel giving her move aerial options would help her because she really doesn’t have a way to avoid damage unless she;s being pocketed.


That’s my hope. Her last buff was over 550 days ago and it was just to her hovering efficiency. My dream wishes for buffs for Pharah:

  • 250HP or 200HP with 100 of it being regenerating armor
  • New skill: Divedown, only works when airborne
  • New skill: Strafe, double tap a direction while in air to have a tiny jet boost in that direction
  • Barrage now gets the deadeye treatment: Ability to slightly move while using, can cancel it early, it refills your primary ammo
  • All AoE healing (lucio aura, lucio ult, zen ult, and brigitte passive healing) now reaches to skybox ceiling in a large cylinder shape so Pharah can get the same healing her team does
  • Self harm now removed. In compensation, rockets now require a minimum air-travel distance before they can do max damage (shooting at your feet on a payload would only do 10 damage for example)

Not saying she needs ALL of those buffs, but just some…please Blizz? :no_mouth:


If anything she needs the strafe like right now


Incidentally, on PTR right now, all channeled ultimates reload their primary weapon, including Pharah.


Yeah pretty much… She has always been a high risk, high reward (if you can make it work) sort of hero as she has so many direct counters. So nothing is really going to change about her role.

If you notice the other team is running a very heavy ground control sort of comp a player can still swap to pharah and break the team in half unless the enemy swaps heroes around. Yeah ok maybe S76, McCree and Mei are going to be better counters but someone still has to be play those heroes to be the counter.

forcing the dps on a team to shift away from the burst ground control or tank heavy line up that is making problems for your team.


Nice! Too bad it won’t make a difference really. Barrage is gonna end up with you dead after saying ‘justice’ 95% of the time unless you are getting sextuple kills with it every time. I’ve only gotten ONE sextuple kill in 380 hours on her lol.

And any Pharah player knows to reload before making their final pre-barrage dive so they can do the single shot then instantly barrage so they’d have 5 out of 6 rockets anyway if they were to survive.

It’s a good thing nonetheless though, am happy she is getting something after 1 and a half years of nothing (even though it’s not actually directed literally at her as you say)


One can only hope. She’s not terribly fun to play against, and I imagine the tired, old Pharmercy combo must be boring to play as, too. Plus, she forces people to pick heroes they may not want to play/are not good at. Isn’t that the same complaint I’ve seen for Brigitte? :stuck_out_tongue:


Why everyone is begging for buffs and reworks ? Is that a trend ?
Devs shouldn’t have started to rework some heroes because now, people seem to know that word only.
And buffs. Yeah, answer a buff by another buff, then Pharah’s buff will have to imply tank buff because they can’t do anything, then anti tanks buffs because reasons.
Yeah guys, congrats, that’s how you build a game full of nonsense and powercreep.

People usually complain about the game state atm. But that’s just the consequence of whiners on forums.
Keep going guys, ask for buffs and reworks. You got it, you are just making the game worse each time you do that.