Is Overwatch losing its players?

For the past 6 or so months, I’ve noticed that players are starting to lose interest in the game and are either leaving the game or not playing it as often. I myself even have noticed this as I barely even play the game any longer.

Also a fun little fact, if you search up ‘Overwatch’ and go into news, the third article you’ll notice is about a player losing interest in the game. What do you think?




I thought this was common knowledge by now


All games lose their players.

Overwatch is no different. The player-base will rise and fall regularly.

Even Fortnight will lose its fire once the next new shiny thing to replace it comes out.


Based on Overbuff numbers (limited insight) Comp is losing players every season, but QP seems to have stagnated with numbers growing slightly (given there are no QP seasons).


The difference is though it’s a lack of effort and poor priorities on issues. Overwatch could be doing a lot better than it is right now


Yes, just like any other game


A few reasons. Lack of new and faster content, devs not communicating well with the players anymore, increase in toxicity, etc.


That could be said about all games.

Overwatch has the unique issue of using proprietary engines for everything. Nothing is an asset made by another company. So everything Team 4 (The Overwatch Team) wants to make for the game has to be made from scratch.

They have to reinvent the wheel for everything, even stuff as simple as Text Chat had to be created from scratch for their game.

So everything is going to be slow. They’ve just bitten off more than they can chew with a social feature that they haven’t revealed much on yet but have stated it is taking way more time and resources than they initially planned for.


It’s actually quite sad. I’ve played since November 2016 and I still remember how hooked up I was, feels like the bubble has just burst.


I feel ya, it sucks when the “New Awesome” feeling fades.

What made it feel so amazing back then to you? Genuinely curious.


I’ve yet to notice a queue time increase…

Even if people have left I never notice it

And I still enjoy the game so it doesn’t even matter really


Imo they should have had a social feature at launch, especially for a game like this that requires teamwork. You can’t really get consistent teamwork in solo queue, so the game basically required you to have friends before playing overwatch.


Well, first of all it wasn’t like any other shooter I played. The abilities made the game feel so different (I never played TF). Secondly, it was Sym. I never imagined a character like her in an FPS, yet there she was. What about you?

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That’s a pretty poor opinion.

Having X at launch means that they would have had to do without something else at launch.

Quite a few of the people I used to play OW with a lot never log in now.


The lack of content!

I mean new stuff we havent had before!
Its getting old having legendary event skins etc.
and Only one intro, few selected voicelines and emotes.

Its like they gave up in terms of creative stuff.

I was hoping They add new game mode but its still the same ctf with a busan map.

Dont get your hopes up for the summer “games” guys! Its going to be another lucio ball in a different location with selected voicelines one intro and two emotes.


Why? If anything it would have been delayed until finished. But a core feature that would add so much value to the game and secure the communities future would have been worth the delay at launch

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The unique cast of characters.

I fell in love with D.Va at first. I thought a hero with a second health pool was OP (little did I know that was wrong). Then I fell in love with Torb. I thought his turret was like having another player on the team (I was only partially correct).

But then one day I played mystery heroes and it gave me Lucio.

I wall rode once and 600+ hours on Lucio later I haven’t touched the ground since.

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Video games CAN hold their “fire” if the people that run them do their job properly.

Team Fortress 2 was a BUSY thriving community for NEARLY a Decade. BUT when they made the choice to go “Free to play” Many of us Server hosts GOT OUT of the business because it was a POOR choice.

Team fotress 2 wasn’t busy NERFING or re-inventing the wheel at an exponential rate and Valve’s Hammer Editor software allowed people to submit maps or even allow others to test custom content. BUT Overwatch Has fallen down the same path of What World of Wacraft did.

Today a bunch of unhappy players expressed that in the forums here and that was the same type of behavior the World of Wacraft players spoke out about years ago on the Druid nerf. It may sound like it was bad behavior. BUT the opinion of the masses do have some warrant to the game. As long as there is a large group of players expressing interest in a video game title, they will AIMLESSLY play the title 8-10 hours per day, stay up late at night and buy merch or cosmetics which fund it. IF there is NOT one type of Class or Character the common folk can gravitate towards it loses its leverage.

Take for example the Druid in World of Wacraft. THe Druid was the primary Healing class favored among a LARGE player base. I agree playing against this character was unfair and “OP” because of what it could do, but I realized that this character made MANY people HAPPY and had to realize that it brought some imbalances to the game, yet kept the casual player base THERE and active in my community. With that said.

Have a great day, EVERYONE! :slight_smile: