Is Overwatch easier or harder on console?

I’ve heard a lot of people say something along the lines of diamond on console is like plat on PC but in my experience it’s been the complete opposite. It’s stupid hard to aim with joysticks and with PC you have wildly easier aiming and the added benefit of sitting directly in front of your screen. In general, I’ve just found PC better, easier, and more natural than console.

I do notice that there are a lot more children on console and that the chances of a comp match getting toxic are higher, but this could just be my experience, too.

For those of you that play or have played both, what is your opinion?

started on console and recently made the switch to PC. After playing PC for a year i went back to a console match for fun. Everything moved so slow to me after being use to High frame rates. I easily was dominating the match but was still sluggish on the controls. Ultimately it depends on the player and this is just my personal experience

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I would prefer to be on PC as I main Widow. So console is naturally going to be harder; however, the competition is lower end. But when you have one shot deletion potential, I could care less about that.

From watching PC and playing on Console. Two different platforms and way different Overwatch. I can’t compare the two since they are totally different games. PC being faster gameplay to console being slower gameplay.

That’s how I feel when I go back to console too. I use higher than average aim sensitivity on PC because I have limited wrist/hand mobility so the fastness is very real. Whenever I play on PS4 it feels terrible and I honestly don’t play well on there anymore.

Overwatch on console really depends on where you are. I’d say that it gets harder when you rank up, considering there are more M+K users. Over all, it is slower, but still enjoyable for me.

Overwatch on console is easier based on the character you play. With PC you are have a faster firefight with everything happening around you. With console people are limited to what only the can respond with on their controller.

I play on PS4 and PC, and normally I play well in other shooters on PC, but when I play OW on PC, I find myself struggling whereas I play well on PS4 OW.

I really don’t understand the logic behind this but I respect your opinion.

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Sorry, two days without sleep tends to make a mind wander when it really shouldn’t.


It’s funny, as a hog main I actually his current state is made MUCH worse because of the way one has to aim on consoles.

By a general rule, any FPS game is harder on console than on PC.

If you are already playing fps games on PC, obviously the controls will feel more intuitive on PC. But if you are just transitioning from consoles to PC, the chances are, you will have a bad time.

As someone with both Id say they are both different. My game sense has put me firmly in platinum on both accounts though.

Id say some characters feel much stronger on console than on PC and the opposite.

The thing that makes console unbearable specifically on PS4 for me is the smurfs. Literally every game has at least 3. I would say console is much more casual friendly though


Depends on your definition of “Harder”.

Is it harder to aim on console?
I would say yes.

There are heroes in the game designed without aim in mind so if you play those on console its “winning” every game you play.

The competition as you climb in rank seems to be better on PC then console. People say this is by personal experience but having watched console games at the same SR bracket that I am in, I was surprised to see things that just wouldn’t fly on PC.

Overall I would say the cumulative experience is more difficult on PC then console.

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I had the opposite experience. I’d never played an FPS on PC but Overwatch came a lot more naturally to me than it did when I started on console originally. Everybody is different, though.

But you have played other games maybe so the use of mouse is familiar to you?

It’s not harder on either platform; It’s just different. Because aiming is harder with a controller, positioning becomes much more important on console. Console players are generally better at knowing where to be and when than PC players.

On the other side, PC games feel more fast-paced because it’s generally easier to engage regardless of positioning since they’re more likely to be able to hit targets with a mouse, especially from further distances. Snipers are more prevalent on PC, too, which changes the way PC players move.

It’s also easier for PC players to jump around while shooting since hitting spacebar while aiming with your other hand is easier than trying to move a stick that’s right next to the jump button on a controller if you’re using default controls.

I mostly play console, but I generally roll over PC players in FPS games because aiming with a mouse is easy and they have no idea how to position themselves.

Anyone who says something like “diamond on PC is masters on console” is wrong for a lot of reasons.


I mean I played minecraft when I was 19 lmao.