Is Overwatch 2 going to be backwards compatible with OW1?

I ask because although when OW2 was first announced it was stated by Blizzard that the game would be backwards compatible with OW1, sharing all of the same content and even enabling crossplay between the two games on legacy maps, I haven’t seen any mention of it since so I’m wondering if that’s still the case.

If not, then all this hype over Archives 2022 being the last chance to unlock certain skins is kind of pointless since none of the content you unlock in OW1 will even be available in OW2.

Everything you’ve heard them say was nonsensical dancing around just calling the co-op stuff an expansion.

The forthcoming release of “Overwatch 2” will be an update to the game you already own.


Its…an update to one…


OW2 is basically just an update for the first game. You’ll keep everything you’ve earned moving into the sequel


Overwatch 1 PVP in terms of 6v6 gameplay, Assault Maps from the core game modes, etc. is permanently going away. Those who currently own Overwatch 1, will be able to access all of the PVP content and gameplay when it releases. All of your owned skins and cosmetics will be retained when Overwatch 2 PVP releases.

I have a comprehensive list of known facts about Overwatch 2 here:


OW2 is just a big dlc to the current game. There is no reason not to carry over.

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