Is overwatch 1 getting updated models from overwatch 2 trailer?

I apologize for wrong category but it wont allow me to create new topic in general discussion forum, i dont have the game yet and i have been considering buying it for a while now (i played some free weekends only) but i have heard that with overwatch 2 all heroes models will be updated to new look, is that going to come to overwatch 1 too or just overwatch 2 and if its coming to overwatch 1 does anybody know when?

Or is it maybe already update on overwatch 1?

As far i’ve heard the new engine and models will be transferred to OW1.

I apologize for late reply, is there any work on when it might happen?

Updated graphics yes, but skins and collectible contents not so much. I maintain a post which organizes all confirmed information about Overwatch 2 here:

It is way too early to learn when many of these upcoming features will come to both games and I would anticipate more specific details later around BlizzCon 2020.