Is Orisa`s realod time really justifed?


Even thogh her gun not even close to being bad and getting some spread buff, i still have a feeling that for a 2.5sec reload time it should fire faster closer to more classic minigun type weapons and her old 200 ammo clip would make a great addition too (still can`t understand why they even nerf it : I)

That way there is no need to touch her damage directly since her overall DPS will rise a bit especially against faster heroes who really need some more bullets in their head in a really short amount of time.


Yes, she fires for like 15 seconds per clip when the average is around 3 seconds.


I think it was justified by her shield and its cooldown at the time.

However! I think with the power creep thats affecting everybody but (roadhog reaper and bastion) she still feels okay. I think those three are some of her best counters so once theyve been tweaked Orisa will need it too.


But it’s also one of the worst weapons, huge spread, slow travel speed.


Well her reload is being reduced and her spread. I already feel she is one of the most powerful heroes in the game, this buff might make her oppressive.


If im not mistaken, its her spread they reduced, not her reload.

EDIT: No wait, yup its her spread.


Fusion Driver

Maximum spread reduced from 1.5 to 1.2


Ah okay, I thought they lowered her reload too. Well with 150 ammo, I can’t really see the need for a reduced reload. I can’t see a need for the spread reduction either though. I think she is already in a very good place.


I feel Orisa is sort of fine, just a few tweaks that isnt game breaking like what they did with her spread.

If they reduced her reload, it at least be 2s. 2.5s seems a bit too long as its already close to 3s.


In a defencive part yeah, but with my long time with her i more and more getting the feeling that her true power is actually in being agressive, there is no other hero i could push so hard as with her and some times that reload happens just like in the most not comfortable moment.

And simply reducing the reload time would probably makes her too spammy wich is exactly i don`t want her to be.

Don`t want to sound too biased but this is exactly what i want, unlike Brigitte for example it takes a lot of skill, aim, focusing and overall coordination with her abilities to play agressively and it feels like it should be a little more rewarding in a timing part, since if it simply takes too long for you to gundown a target you focusing there is no real point focusing it.


Well I play her a lot, she is my prefered tank (3rd most played hero). I don’t feel she takes much skill to play, you just have to be careful not to mis-throw her barrier. Especially on those downhill slopes.


I agree with you about a lot of this but hopefully I’m assuming you have a healer and at least another DPS hero behind the shield with you, honestly characters like soldier and Reaper feel terrible with reload in comparison when they are facing a lot of the action sort of alone unsheilded and their clips empty in less than half the time Orisas do.


Well reaper actually have most comfy reaload while also becoming immortal lol
His problem is a random huge spread wich makes him waste most of the amuniton.
But for soldier yeah i always felt he need that standart 30rounds magsize, hope his new spread will help him though.

Aaaaaand not to missuse your fortify, aaaaaand not to waste your halt when some Junkrat Pharah or reaper might need it the most, aaaaaand watch your back for flankers that really want your metal butt, aaaaaand most importantly perfectly track your target`s head to make most of your damage.
All of this takes a lot of concetration and takes some time, so i thought that atleast her shooting needs to be quicker since she pretty slow herself.


Sure, but isn’t most of that stuff just common sense? Except for the aiming part, but when you’re not even moving yourself, it’s much easier to track. That and you’re basically a machine gun, laying down suppressing fire into a zone most of the time.


Congrats, everything you said was wrong.

Orisa’s gun has probably the smallest spread in the entire game, and they’re lowering it next patch.

The travel speed is the same as Zen’s and Doomfist’s, which is a medium speed.

Orisa does some of the best damage in the game up close.


Well it certanly not so common like for Winston or for example, there is not so much mistakes you can make with them since their job is more simple.
Orisa is like a swedish toolknife, she can do a lot at once but you need to learn all of this to use her effectively, wich again is what i`m happy with but with gameplay evolving into less and less stationary she will need to be quicker with what she does at some point.


LUL smaller than whom, Tracer? Would you please at least try her once at shooting range before making that up? Also her gun spreads from the first bullet fired.


I tried her for more than a year, widows at range up to 50-70m is scared of me, and with her spread on the PTR they will be surely dead lol.


Honestly those six rounds go nowhere when your point blank in someones face and the Rng decides your doing 10 damge and the rest of the shrapnel is going around them. More often than not we have to ghost in to targets just to close that distance.

I actually just was thinking. Would it harm Orisa much for her to have infinite ammo while her Ult is down? I feel like that would be pretty fair.


Yeah shooting a sniper who hardly moves makes a lot of sense


That’s a buff I could get behind. It’s not oppressive and makes her ult feel more ulty.