Is multi-boxing private lobbies OK?

I have alot of interaction/testing to do that really only requires 1 other HUMAN player. Does anyone else know or do this themselves?

nevermind, people multibox in competitive and sell the accounts without consequences every day

You mean multi-clienting? Well if it is declared as a forbidden meachanic or tool to gain advantage over other players of course it’s not ok to do in either private and open lobbies, the consequences follow on success ticket reports, which may be less likely if you open a private lobby and you would be join in only two times on different accounts. Or is with multi-boxing something different meant? I am unfamiliar with that term.

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You can literally run 2 overwatch clients on the same pc if you go in the task bar of the currently running overwatch client (windows 10), right click it, and click the top that says overwatch application and you can login to another account. If ofc your pc can handle it, you can tune down your in-game settings to get them both to run at 60 fps at least. I’ve done this for gamemodes I made in the past specifically to test human vs human player interaction type things since I have dummy bots with their own mechanics, I’ve done this way back in Overwatch 1. I have never gotten in trouble doing this, so for private purposes and workshop testing I think it’s pretty safe, and nice, and super useful. Also if you didn’t know, the “Add AI” button in the lobby that creates AI, those count as real players in the workshop and can be used to test out mass amount of players, but ofc you can’t tell them to do what you want, and they will try to move in their programmed ai ways, and a few other random limited things, but hey still can be nice.