Is MMR a global variable?

Short question: is our MMR a global variable? people mentioned, that the SR follows the MMR, but that implies, that we can alter our MMR somehow independently (via Quickplay/Arcade?). Plz explain :blush:

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The initial placements on your first comp season ever used your Quick play MMR to have fair games. After that, comp and Quick play MMR become 2 different things.

atleast I think thats how it works…


SR is win/loss based, MMR is more stats based like your damage stats, elim stats death stats and hero specfic stats. Your performance in comp also effect your MMR just like SR, but slowly. In Plat and below, your SR gain or loss is depend on your MMR, such as plat player throw to bronze, they will loss very little SR per match at the begining.

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Your MMR goes up and down after wins and losses respectively. The amount that it goes up and down depends on a number of variables including your team’s predicted chance of winning compared to the outcome and your stats (if you’re Plat or below).

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“Long story short, you have a separate matchmaking rating for Competitive Play than you do for other modes.” – Jeff Kaplan

For more information, see How Competitive Skill Rating Works (Season 15), and ignore the other posts in this thread.

they’re always two different things, and both are changed by each game you play in the corresponding mode

there is a seperate mmr rating for each competitive mode (normal comp, ctf comp, 3v3 elim, 6v6 elim, ffa, team dm, lucio ball) and one for arcade/qp non competitive

or in other words each mode with placements has it’s own mmr + the general one for all the other modes