Is Mercy considered a throw pick now?

She’s a rez machine.

I would say she’s underpowered but not to the point of throwing, at this point I’d just choose a different support if you want to win

Just because Mercy isn’t the obvious “Duuuhh, of course you pick her” in any situation over any support in every single ELO anymore, doesn’t mean she’s a throw pick.

But I would still welcome Mercy with open arms in my team.

Agreed, I’ve been having problems keeping my tanks alive, especially in comps where my second healer is Brigitte.
But as I’ve said, I switch if it’s needed, I was just genuinely shocked and confused by how much hate I got before the match even begun, because I picked Mercy. Screaming into mic or writing some toxic slurs in chat and asking nicely/normally are two different things imo.

I don’t consider any pick a throw pick as long as the person is familiar with the character and doesn’t feed constantly. If they do I’ll ask them to switch for something they’ll get more value from, seems only fair to me.

I’ve edited my responses here so I don’t bloat my own post, thanks for all your replies!

That is very hard to say when both of us have no idea what the other’s playstyle is ^^
I am glad you havent been harassed for picking her.

Yes, it’s an automated system based on the number of reports, so a couple of games where they “gang up” on me should be fine, I guess?

I was just shocked from what I’ve experienced (it was completely different type of toxicity than what I’m used to filter out) and after some consideration went on the forums to ask if I’m the only one or not. I am not afraid I’m gonna get banned tho, yet.

It’s really dumb you can get reported for playing a hero you like, just because it isn’t meta. Personally, I loved having a good Ana on my team whenever, generally I never mind non-meta heroes unless the person is actually throwing, then I’m sad they’re making the hero’s reputation even worse.

A nuisance to the team sounds pretty much like a throw pick, doesn’t it?

My feelings on playing her are not as dramatic (at least performance-wise), but it’s true she feels awfully unimpactful. It’s hard to keep even your pocket alive, yet alone your whole team. I don’t think she’s a main healer anymore (she heals just 20 hps more than Zen and both are single target…), especially when the game now is a lot more about burst damage than continuous one. Meibe that’s why people didn’t want me to play her? I don’t know.

I’m all good with the other supports having the ground to be relevant too. I’m asking at what cost tho. If I’m gonna continue to be harassed for playing Mercy, I might just quit OW until they fix this mess of a rework. I like other heroes, don’t get me wrong, but it was already disheartening enough to me.

That would be insanely boring for all players. This isn’t Mercy vs. other supports war and should have never been, they should be balanced in between each other, which IMO is still not the case. It’s better, but Mercy feels awful and the hate I got just… made it worse for me.

Ahaha, she indeed is. It almost feels like every nerf makes her skinnier 'cause she still living.
PS. the skinniest of them all is Symmetra tho, let’s not confuse that.

Sadly, I must agree with you. A bit higher up I said that especially now that the game is more about burst damage, she just can’t keep up. I guess that’s why people don’t like the pick, but I did not expect such toxicity after 10 HP/s nerf.

I am sorry to hear that. Yes, and that seems to be the problem, the tables have turned and I’m probably gonna get bullied into playing Ana, just like Ana mains got bullied into playing Mercy while hating it. I think that’s still a prove of imbalance, but IMO I can’t do more than wait and see what Blizz does, I don’t really think any post here on forums can change that, although I will always hope for example Titanium’s post at least makes it to the eyes of Jeff or whomever.

Same. “Heroes never die!”, more like “watch how heroes die for 15 seconds!”. It’s likely the worst support ult currently, unless you go Neptuno-crazy. It defeats the whole point of this hero, which is being a strong single target healer with mobility dependant on your teammates, not some apache attack helicopter.

I wish stats were everything. They’re not. She’s not fine, more in this post:

But that’s not why I made this post, to discuss what’s wrong with her.

That’s interesting, because I can hardly keep one tank alive, while Moira comes, sprays them both at once at whopping 85 HP/s, or 160 HP/s with her orb again at the same time. Yes, there’s resource meter, but Mercy in the current state can never keep up in tank heavy meta with Moira, no matter how consistent her heal are, because the heals just dont outdo the damage.

I agree that having a go-to healer for every situation is not really good for other supports, but I do not think that her healing output and universal usage is the problem here. Rez on E is.

Thank you! “At least right now” is really a frightening thot as Symmetra would say but hopefully you are right even for the future.

An update: I had a comp match where someone called me a “trash can Mercy main”

So now I hold the titles “glock queen” and “trash can,” and I think that’s a lot to live up to.

(I’m also not sure it was because I was playing Mercy, because they called everyone trash and left. But I was the only one that happened to be a trash can.)

I like your name but no she isn’t

At least right now

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What? No, it doesn’t. I’ve solo healed plenty of games as Mercy.

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Valkyrie is the way it is because she has rez as a regular ability, which conflicts with the power of her ult.

This was said a few months ago. Then people started complaining again; subsequently, she got nerfed. Again.

This, but more. Mercy is not a hero you can play everywhere anymore. If you want the easiest solution, learn Lucio and play him when you don’t have heroes like Widowmaker, McCree or Pharah. Mercy-Lucio covers pretty much every team composition, so you should be fine.

It is difficult to tell as Reaper is considered a throw pick here, on the forums, and yet I have NEVER gotten any off-meta hate, false report accusations, or people asking me to switch. Mostly just criticizing my ultimate usage because they are delusional enough to believe the ultimate is not worse than shadow step for whatever reason. Most importantly, I have never witnessed other Reapers receive this treatment. Albeit, I do not really see a lot of other Reaper.

And I know what it is like, I played troll Hanzo, Widowmaker got it even when it was double sniper, Sombra is one of the victims of this behavior, and Mei, Mei was actually probably the first character I ever received toxicity for back during the first week of the game. I play a lot of off-meta, it is sort of my specialty.

My point is… It depends on who you talk to. I actually got away with running attack Torbjorn on Blizzard World because I was angry someone stole my Widowmaker and Hanzo was already selected. The toxicity was VERY mild given that I was blatantly “throwing.” I still tried my best and actually technically carried. I have no idea how, but all golds, baby.

So, while you may have encountered people who do perceive her to be a troll pick, I am not sure if it will be indicative of the Mercy experience moving forward. This could just be a prelude, though.

This is true, but at the same time I feel like Mercy should be the go-to healer in most situations, while not providing that much utility as Ana or that much healing as Moira, and that’s why there are so many complaints that she does too much. Nerfing her healing output to cater for the Rez on CD being OP doesn’t really help her though IMO. I was afraid she’s gonna be trash, and then when I got flamed for picking her, it was confirmed in my head. I decided to ask here for other’s opinions to not take it so dramatically and meibe find some hope I was just unlucky with the games.

No. Mercy can be the go to healer in lower ranks, but in GM that should be Ana. Ana should be the highest skill cap support and therefore the default pick in GM. Mercy has her niche atm in pocket comps, but she shouldn’t be the default support.

Mercy isn’t trash. She just shouldn’t be played 100% of the time anymore. Even Ana (who is the dominant support right now) shouldn’t be picked all of the time.

I think if she still had that 2 insta resses in valk she would still be ok. But all the nerfs combined made her decent pick, not OP but decent. However boring.

The 10 hps nerf + the buffs to other supports was the last nail to the coffin. She is outperformed by every support in everything (even mobility, lucio gives mobility to the entire team).

By numbers her Valk does potentially 3500-ish healing over the course of 1:15 minutes (as valk requires 50 sec nonstop heal to charge and it has 15 sec duration). Lucio has amp available 4 times a minute and potentially does 100 less healing than valkyrie for even less time (lucio amp - over 1 min time; valk mercy - over 1:15 min.) And we are not including that lucio can still dmg/boop/wallride and still AoE heal between and during amps.

Her resurrect brings a lot of value, yes, but most of the times its a death wish. People moestly guard corpses, trying to res someone without zarya bubble/ana pocketing u is suicide.

As I said her healing is outperformed by other healers and her ult as well. Her mobility is self-impacting (meaning only mercy can use it) while lucio can provide the entire team with far Better mobility. It’s just sad at what state of mercy are now.

She is picked around as much as season 2-3 AND has around the same winrate, the only difference being now she is boring and and hell’a stupid to play

Everyone gets harassed. Toxic people are going to remain toxic. Imagine having played pre-rework Hanzo, or Torb now. Just report them. Having them removed from the game would make life better.

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guys i know this is super off topic but how can u convince ppl (especially dps mains, since atleast some tanks are willing to switch) that solo heal is a horrible strategy and it needs to perma die

lmao no. I’m still asked to switch to Mercy over any other support.

You ask the team, “What healers do we want?” And “Mercy” is the first thing out of everyone’s mouths.