Is Kiriko Canon in the Actual Story?

Not only does her spirit fox break the no magic rule that Blizzard had set for the game’s lore, but her age is so non-sensical that there is no way they meant for her to be part of the actual story.

Yeah, I know man Overwatch doesn’t know how to write lore. They just come up with a random idea and puck it in. Like we don’t have any explanation why Reaper and Widow work together even though Widowmaker killed Gerald which was Gabriel Reye’s friend. Widowmaker also has some stupid story that her heart slowed so down her skin turned into a different color, lol you ask me if that’s good writing.

Let’s try to make together this feedback, we succeeded with Sojourn’s age :muscle:.

Not that they have yet clearly specified how Reaper allowed himself to be convinced by Doomfist, if not through anger at the progress of government protocol. I quite agree with this. Moria and Sombra aren’t exactly the best teammates for him to put up with. :sweat_smile:

about skin color for heartbeat… not exactly a bad explanation, considering we’re in a sci-fi universe where there’s a pig-sized hamster driving a metal ball, from the moon and champion of a wild city XD

she was part of Moira’s experiments. slowing down the heart rate is a feature that has always been explained in sniper stories, why should it be less plausible in a sci-fi context?

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