Is just me or they have changed the footsteps sounds?


I’ve never had issues with my headset, I think it’s working absolutely fine. So I don’t know if footsteps like Reaper’s are not louder as before or if I’ve been having tunnel visions when playing the game.

I usually hear sounds of flankers that are not crouching, but since some patches I just can’t hear them anymore. Sounds like my teammates footsteps are louder than the enemie’s.

[MEGATHREAD] Can You Hear the Audio Issues? I Bet You Can! :mute:

It is not that footsteps have gotten quiet. It is that they increased the distance at which you can hear combat. Which means that there is more audio clutter covering for those footsteps.


There is a bug that if you reload while Reaper teleports behind you then you won’t hear his guns or footsteps until he takes damage or he comes into your LOS


We’ve got a thread going in bug reports about footsteps volume being a lot quieter, whether it’s Reaper, Mei, McCree, Brigitte or others. It seems to be part of larger audio issues happening in the game right now. Could you post your experience or share videos about it in this thread we’ve got going, the more voices the better for Blizzard to finally look into this: