Is JPN server down or do you guys cancel the JPN server?

You can’t help yourself can you?
To be fair, neither can I. You beat me to it.

Chilean servers were down for a while too, but they came back the next day

Servers were down before the earthquake.

I’m guessing maintenance… in which case, shame blizzard doesn’t post a notice.

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My friends and I play many games across the country all the time (I live in Washington, they’re in Ohio) and it’s extremely rare that any of us get pings much higher than 120 even in poorly optimized netcode. In Overwatch I don’t think I ever really go about 80-90, granted that could potentially be selecting a server somewhere in between us. But even when we play games that are locally hosted on their computers or vice versa the pings are usually nowhere close to 200. I suspect there could be something else at play other than purely distance.

it just feel so frustrated when your playing rank and you cant communication with each other cause no one is speaking english, i just wish BZ can fix the issues

Hi there, I am one of the forum MVPs and based on the few related reports in the technical support forum I have been seeing, it sounds like players in Japan may have problems connecting due to an internet line cut possibly due to the recent earthquake or the typhoon from a little while ago. I am trying to get confirmation if there is such an issue but with everything going on in Japan, there may be a long time before any answers come through.

At best guess one of the hubs that connect between you and the servers are out. See this diagram:

If you wish to have a better idea of what is going on, please consider running a WinMTR test. However the reality is that if this problem does exist, the best option may be to stop and wait until the Internet provider responsible for the break fixes it.


Yeah, sorry. Ran out of benefit of the doubt a while ago.

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thanks for the info man, helps a lot :smiley:
it might be the earthquake or other issues for the server sides issues, some of my friends had try to run the WinMtr test and it’s confirmed that the JPN server are down

Can you please post the results of the test here? I would love to take a look to see if what I said is the case. There are no servers directly in Japan from what I understand, Japanese Players either play in servers geographically located in Korea or Taiwan depending on region.

currently in Taiwan now, but i’m pretty sure that there’s used to have JPN servers, and its show as pne1 on the internet statics.
pretty sure there’s JPN, TWN, KOR and SNG servers in Asia region

Japan has (had?) their own server (pne1).

I claimed to support, blizzard know this issue but answer was ISP problem. I I cannot agree their answer because this problem occurring same at difference condition : home & office.

Yeah I’m surprise that BZ haven’t realese any information to the JPN players

the japan servers are definitely down but it’s not permanent. There is reason to believe it has to do with the earthquake. Blizzard has not commented but the servers went down around the same time as the earthquake so it makes sense.

I disagree, because i’m experiencing this issue before approx 8/30(august)

having some issues with the JPN servers before the earthquake started, can someone in the BZ give us an answer?

According to support(I sent claim to support), this issue occurring ONLY SOME USERS, so they not considering notice to all users.
They said “blizzard network is no problem, please ask to using ISP”

Hey everyone, we’ve been working on connectivity problems for PC players to the PNE1 (Japan) region servers.

The region is once again available now, but we’re continuing to investigate connectivity and will post any further updates in this thread.


Sorry for writing in Japanese.


Thank you. This really makes a big difference for us.