Is it worth coming back to Overwatch?


I’d just spend an afternoon playing around. Ultimately whether or not it’s worth it is subjective to everyone who plays, and this is the place where many disgruntled people come to vent.

Personally I don’t play much anymore, but mostly because I’ve been playing since launch and I’m just getting a little bored with it. And life is busier now that school is back in session.


Worth coming back to Ow? HELL NO dude!!


Dont bother coming back. It’s still a mess


Never ask the forum about such things, try it yourself and make your own decision


I’d do that if I didn’t have to download Overwatch again, am just trying to get an idea of how the game has changed.


Personally, Id say its gotten better. Im not sure what exactly month you left, but since then, Brigitte has gotten nerfs to make her less oppressive, if you will, Torb is getting a rework that makes him counters armor and Roadhog is getting something, but we arent sure yet because its not out on PTR, theyre still working on his animations atm.

Theres plenty more like the falloff damage reduction for hitscans, Orisa getting a spread reduction, all supports getting a buff, except for the corpse Mercy because she got a nerf instead. I suggest you check the patch notes and decide


If I were you, I’d wait another couple of months.

The latest dev update video said that they’ll be concentrating the resources that normally go into creating new seasonal event minigames into increasing the game’s quality of life.

This is very good news, but it’ll take more than just one patch to go though all of the QoL changes that the game needs. The current PTR’s big quality of life update is making the game properly playable for colorblind users.


Current mmo’s are bad. They’re all bad and they’re all casual and boring face roll to cap level. You don’t realize how many people have quit mmo’s because theyre so easy boring and easy now. At least vanilla wow is hardcore and there’s a lot large community just waiting for that experience again.


Apart from brigitte, the game is in a good balanced state. Brigitte has had her shield bash increased from 5 sec cd to 7, her ultimate armor reduced from 200 to 150, and next patch we get -100 shield health on brig and torbjorn rework in which his ult completely melts armor. Once next patch goes live I believe it will be a perfect time to return.

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I would glad so much to play at season 1 Overwatch servers tbh


Absolutely not worth returning to in its current state unless you like getting stunned, in which case: Welcome back!


It might be worth looking into if you like Hog when the changes they make hit live but, otherwise I wouldn’t recommend it unless you think playing Hammond would be fun (some people do enjoy him a ton but, most aren’t effective as him) or you really disliked Mercy being meta(She’s underpowered now).


Current wow bfa is bad. But Vanilla wasn’t really that good, WRATH was amazing, vanilla wasn’t that good. Also vanilla wasn’t hard at all ahahahah.


Here’s the thing, I feel a lot of people think they have to either play the game every single day or not at all for some reason, and I don’t get it.

Like, just play it for a couple hours every other week, when an event rolls out, or just whenever you feel like it, no one’s forcing you to play when you grow frustrated but you don’t have to completely “quit” either.


WoW became as big as it did by being more casual friendly though; EverQuest, Ultima Online and Final Fantasy XI where much more in the hardcore angle than WoW was.


I’d say yes but a bit later. Some changes to hog were promissed in the next ptr update.


Brigitte is in the game, and all her nerfs were extremely minor. I’d say it isn’t worth getting back to it. Wrecking Ball is a functionally a worse D.Va, not very interesting at all.

People defend her, but you know how it is.


People are also saying that Ana is OP.


Hog is somehow worse than he was in Season 10 but is supposed to get changes soon.

Brig is as powerful as ever (shield nerf on PTR tho) and the meta is currently very tanky and supporty. I let you decide if that’s a good or bad thing.

What’s new? Well, Mercy is pretty bad now, Ana is the new hotness. DF and Genji (nanoblade) are everywhere and people are complaining about them. Widow too in high tiers. Hammond is basically a sustainier Winston without the bubble. Double sniper is dead, and that’s really all that’s new.


I remember when Ana wasn’t meta. When people said it was an injustice for her to be so bad. She receives a buff, not even a big one, and now she is this overpowered abomination.

It’s just the fact that she is the only true main healer who has utility in her kit. In the end, she’s like Reinhardt. The only one really capable of pulling off her role, non-half-assedly.