Is it the population dying or did matchmaking change?

Seen an absolutely unreal number of games with grandmasters in lobbies of golds and silvers this week. Is the population in Europe on PC just so low now that it can’t make good games anymore? Or did they do something ridiculous to the matchmaker?


Depends, was this comp or QP?

no this is the new normal.

I played 10 matches and 50% feel like gold, as in completely oblivious team mates and the other 50% being real masters or gm’s


im finding myself playing against a TON of sweat lobbies lately. sometimes worse than others.

anything 1am-5am, is sweats ONLY.

anything 8am-noon sweats.

2pm-11pm seams to be golden hour right now. enjoyable lobbies that aren’t super competitive.

I’m only gold 2 on support and I’ve been playing against GM and masters constantly in QP. I only know this because sometimes their career profile is public. Funny thing is, half of the time, these master players aren’t even that good. Other half of the time, they are genuinely good and dominate the lobby.

Matchmaking def changed. Before, seeing a GM in my games was rare. Then it becomes every other match. You see things like the enemy has a top 500 tank while ours is silver.

Eventually I give up on QP for that day then play the more casual mode of comp…now that feels weird to say.

In comp, at least, I think people are starting to leave.

Friends of mine that I play with are seeing their ranks suddenly jump, and they’re being placed in leagues they feel they don’t belong. Their only conclusion is that the player base is shrinking.

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The player base is definitely shrinking. This game is basically the same as OverWatch 1 so there’s really nothing keeping people here.

I’d play ranked for better matchmaking. I can group with a bronze friend as a GM