Is it ... safe now?

The regularly scheduled program of… nothing?

Am I missing something here?

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What this doesn’t even make sense imho

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Mooshy, how you doin?


Thought presencial school was gonna be more fun

For some reason I’ve been afk for 7h hours on those days, pretty boring IYAM

Everything else is good how are you?

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then read again, I know you can do that.

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They’re a complete lost cause.

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Even prior to the lawsuit i had encounters that were…less than ideal which is why if anyone’s really noticed my behavior towards their comments and postings are …more direct and abrupt let’s say. I was what you’d call a fan boy. I’ve gone to all the midnight launches. Every single one of them. From diablo to WoW.

Then overwatch. And it’s EULA and TOS. And
Tigoles attitude towards slightly tougher players and his willingness to cause them mental anguish.

That disgusted me.
Especially knowing a few folks in the gaming industry. (Not naming names)

At this point i make no secret i am displeased of how i, others have been treated. So it was truly not surprising to hear about the lawsuit.

My heart really does go out to the people involved.

The only reason I’m sticking it out is that i have some small hope that MAYBE come OW2 things will be …dare i say balanced a bit more?

I could obviously be wrong…FEEL FREE TO COMPLETELY DELETE this post as you usually do.

Send my regards to Josh, Andy if you read this and my other former colleagues that are now on the “we don’t know this guy” bandwagon…

Rolls eyes well. That was a rant and a half.

Squint actually does make me seem tinfoil hat-ty… anyway im not crazy despite the name i swear!

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did i miss something?

Yes. Troll necro’d a bunch of old threads and disrupted the forums for a while last night.

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Cleanup is part of a moderator’s job description. Good forums help automate this process. Discourse - not particularly good at this though.

yikes, i know a bunch of times people tried spam necro’ing and it didn’t work, but it sounds like it got really bad.

Hey everyone, I was told by Blizzard that they took care of that… mess. Hopefully this night will be far more peaceful for you all.

Sorry I have not been on much today. I am dealing with some personal matters and needed some time alone. Cheers everyone.

Oh no… nothing at all…


Basically the top 1-300 posts were all the same person as the last reply. If anyone would respond they would start necroing that persons posts. They also spammed any other threads with a giant cut and paste of inane text.

It went on for at least 5 hours with nothing done.

agree or disagree, that person showed how little this place is monitored or moderated during “off” hours and how very vulnerable it is.

Interestingly enough my ticket direct to CS was replied to with a notification they were getting an excessive amount of tickets at the time… so maybe it was planned that way.

Yeah, I noticed they were so thorough they left the dude with -18 posts :eyes:

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Just as a future heads up, avoid sending in a ticket through the customer service portal for matters that deal with the forums (with the exception of any real-life threats). Its actually faster if you try to invite me to a topic as I will see it in my notifications.

I was out of flags and the forums as they were became just unreadable. I waited 5 hours in total before going out of forums. I tried to do SOMETHING. This was after you had responded btw, because I waited an additional 2 hours after you did since maybe your connections were better. However the “attacker” got bored before anything was done.

I get it. They can only pass on the feedback and it clogs them from other more relevant to their job things. But it was becoming a desperate situation.

Either way the whole episode needs to be held up as an example of neglect of the forums. I KNOW everyone flagged the heck out of the posts… yet it continued for hours.

This may sound controversial coming from me “the forum MVP,” but I am in the opinion that the concept of message boards/forums as a whole is an outdated concept in terms of online communication and behavior from whoever was responsible for last night’s ruckus is proof of that. I mean we could debate on end about forum tools, AI, and other features this or any other forum platform needs to function better, but is it worth the time and investment from Blizzard (or any other entertainment company, not just video games, for that matter)? Remember as AndyB pointed out recently, forums are only used by a very minor percentage of the overall community.

So let’s be clear that if something like that nonsense was going on, my advice to everyone is log off and spend your time doing something else. When you try to make a deal out of trolls and spammers you are only fueling the fire they are trying to start. They are trying to get attention, but only do so in a way that negatively hurts the community and does nothing to positively impact whatever IP they are participating in. Even if it was with any perception of “good intention,” such as the AriaRose forum raid incident.

Understand I am not saying this to simply dismiss the behavior of such users, but remind everyone that there are better things to do than to stress over a message board forum.

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This is basically what happened on my side:
"Huh… someone is spamming the forums… "
flagged, went and did other things
Came back an hour later
“Oh… wow it’s worse. There’s just nothing interesting to read”
flagged some more, went and did other things
Came back an hour later
"… still bad. He is now targeting individuals who respond. "
flagged.CS ticket made
… ticket responded to 15 hours later.

All it would have taken to respond to this was one person on notification of a mass of flagging. This didn’t happen for over 5 hours. A company this large that wishes to have a forum should do the bare minimums to keep it useable for the people who wish to use it.
otherwise don’t bother if it’s so inconsequential. My current job involves being one of the people in my company who is notified of problems in our statewide network and who then dispatches and reacts appropriately. As such I am very aware of how this particular notification could be lumped into someone else’s responsibilities easily and cheaply. It very much seems like there was nobody “at the wheel” or even in the escalation chain for a very large gap.

That attitude of let them trash the place, we’ll fix it later so that you can go back to using it was EXACTLY what the attacker pointed out. They knew nobody would do anything because nobody cared or was in position to do anything about it. They brought focus to make a point of exactly how little this place matters to blizzard… Whether intended or not, not a good look.

Nobody was stressed… perhaps the word “desperate” was the wrong choice. There was no system in place that was doing anything about it in any effective way. If they want to allow disruptions to happen and the attitude is “well… go do something else till we can get around to noticing.” (BTW I understand the opinions you express are NOT blizzards) then I really don’t want to bother being around here anymore.

The forums isn’t important, but keeping a standard and maintaining accessibility should be.

If nothing changes after what just happened , then that is just as much a message to us as anything else. Allowing one user to turn an entire subforum into irrelevant garbage for hours shouldn’t be possible.

I tell you these things so hopefully you express to the contacts you have (and maybe the CR who reads some of these) how bad it looks to the few users who DO bother to give well intentioned feedback here.

TLDR: Nobody lost anything important , no revolutions were had, but dang did that ever look bad.

Even if they do communicate that the forum can be a mess and things need to change in CS it’s not like it will actually change the sentiment at Blizzard.

They don’t pay enough attention to their customer relations and all they do is pick shills to communicate with in the first place.

The CS back-end is a huge mess that no one has the time, energy, will, or money to actually clean up. They just keep firing people. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Oh. Noted.
That became messy real quick.