Is Hog ever going to get his PTR

they pushed the ptr update with halloween event.

ptr hasnt been updated in a while.

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Ah, I got it now.

I guess, we have to wait until Blizzcon…

Realistically, any other major balance changes will have gone up with 1.2.9. Jeff mentioned that Hog’s changes were delayed, so I’d expect them and some minor number tweaks, if that.

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they werent delayed.
they just didnt finish in time which is what caused it to not be pushed with the event update.

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Considering Blizzcon is in a week and a half, they might have just decided to do one big patch with the new Hero, Roadhog changes, and other balancing all at once.

Stop taking this out of context. I am saying that the changes were delayed, as they were not intended to get their own patch. I know it’s been about a month. Chill.

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but required animations which they didnt have at the time so they didnt finish it in time for this update, therefore its “”“delayed”"""

I say the update will come on 32 October.

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Jeff’s post is almost a Month old…

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Just a little bit.

Just a lil bit more. Just a lil bit.

It was intended for 1.2.9, but didn’t make 1.2.9. That is a delay.
Hence why I think the patch won’t have much, anything else medium - big will have been decided months in advance.

2 - 3 weeks is a bit compared to the third social feature.

Wasnt is confirmed by Jeff that the social feature will be delayed for next year?

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Yes. Hence why 2 to 3 weeks is a minor delay compared to an unknown date next year.

Oh right, i got it. :slight_smile:

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I think it will be at least announced at Blizzcon.

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THE JUNKRAT AND ROADHOG RAP by JT Music (Overwatch Song) - YouTube


Watching old Hog getting secure Mercy kills after hook brings tears to my eyes, good old days.

Here you go: