Is anyone else unable to hear footsteps?


I can hear my own, but no one else’s.




Enemy footsteps are louder than allies.


Are you playing Roadhog or McCree?


I’m hearing literally nobody’s footsteps.


That’s odd… All your sound settings are up?


i.imgur /fd7sKJf.png

I don’t know what all got changed between like 4 days ago and now, but my sound settings were untouched. It just kind of happened.


Can you hear this?

After leaving the healthpack, i heard Tracer’s footsteps as she ran below me so i knew she was looking for my translocator and was expecting her to be there when i teleported back.

I basically tracked everyone’s footsteps while i was in the backline, tho i thought Roadhog was below me to my left, and didn’t realize he was going up the stairs.

PS: Specifically, i heard footsteps, and then blink, so i knew it was tracer.


I can hear everything so clearly in that video. Let me see if I can find a video I took recently to toss up. It’s possible I’m just deaf while actually playing here recently.

Did find a video, and now that I’m not playing I /can/ hear footsteps in it, but they’re quiet compared to your video. Uploading to YouTube after I finish watching it to make sure there’s nothing naughty in the chat. lel.


I have all three under Master Volume set to 100, and in the windows settings under Speaker Properties/Enhancements i have “Loudness Equalization” enabled.


“Death comes!”


I can’t hear Ultimate voice lines , for footsteps I don’t know.
Happens most of the time.
For example : I was playing competitive , I was only hearing the game sounds since no one on my team was talking , I used Valkyrie because i saw my team pushing and 8 seconds later i died from Dead-Eye because I didn’t hear him saying his ultimate voice line. Happened in other games too with different characters - D.Va ult , Soldier Ult, etc. sometimes the voice line plays sometimes doesn’t, you can only know if they used their ultimate if you died pretty much. Is it a bug ?


I have a whole host of sound issues with OW.
Ult voice lines not going off half the time, footsteps vanishing. My own team mates footsteps for some reason sounding twice as loud as an identically positioned enemy etc.

I don’t know why it happens so often but you just have to get use to it.


recently i can’t hear the sound of Ana healing teammates and it throws me off so much, idk if something changed on it’s own after an update but it’s been bugging the hell out of me :woman_shrugging:

[MEGATHREAD] Can You Hear the Audio Issues? I Bet You Can! :mute:



I know the video’s on Widow, but just watch. You couldn’t hear Bastion at all at the start of the video. I heard Soldier when I died near the checkpoint behind the saloon, but they were super quiet. I assumed he was further in down by the ram, not literally in the door. I have no idea what else I’m missing.


The only hero with no footstep sound is Zenyatta btw.


Lately I’ve been experiencing missing footstep sounds too. An enemy can sneak up on me without crouching and I sometimes don’t hear a thing… It’s been weeks since I experienced the missing ult sound bug though, so hopefully that one got fixed.


Footsteps sounds for chars who usually have loud sounds are barely there and flanker footsteps have practically disappeared since idk, summer 2017 patch. It’s very annoying.


I’ve actually had this bug once, it was super annoying and caused my death many times. It randomly disappeared after a patch.