Is anybody else having weird server connection issues today?

I started up Overwatch 2 today after the Pachi-Marchi event started so I don’t know if I would’ve had these issues prior, but I’ve been constantly logged out of Overwatch 2 whether in match or just logging in since the event started, and nowhere have I seen anybody else with this issue. Not even websites like DownDetector show a spike in server issues. I keep getting “Unexpected Server Error Occured” every time, meanwhile my friends have no issues playing and neither do Twitch streamers. Is there anything I could do to fix it or just wait it out until tomorrow?


been having the same issue since last night, keep being unable to login and am hit with unexpected server error every time. also havent been seeing anything about it and thought it was just me


I’m having the same issue. I submitted a trouble ticket, but I suspect that will do little to help. It’s definitely server side.

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i have zero matches found in competitive role Q ( support)

but in QP everything works.

something is def wrong with their servers

good luck getting any help.

they will ask you to run some tests and that’s it

ticket closed

Honestly this is so ridiculous, so I’ve been trying to log on these past 2 days and still the same garbage with unexpected server error. They tell me to do crazy stuff like type code and reset the router all the time. Fix the game and give me the update I need to play again.


Im having this exact issue and havent been able to log in or fix it for days. Ive done everything it said to do and nothing has fixed it.


Same thing for me. I’m scared they don’t even know about this issue and that it won’t be patched next time they do maintenance. I submitted a ticket, no response. Good to know that I’m definitely not alone, good luck guys.


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