Is Ana a good mother?

I’d like to think she was at least in her teens when Ana “died”.

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Ana seemed to love Fareeha and cared for her deeply, though I don’t remember what Ana’s reason was for faking her death. However Ana has multiple sprays depicting Fareeha as well as emotes that would suggest she loves her deeply.

I am not sure it was ever confirmed though how old Fareeha was, nor was it confirmed if she had someone else raising her or not. So that is a tough question and is probably up to theoretical debate.


I wonder how her dad fits into all of this.

Pharah was in her mid 20’s when Ana faked her death, so already an adult.

Still pretty messed up to do to your kid.


Well Pharah and her father have good relations as we know due to the christmas comic with them enjoying dinner togethter over the christmas time in canada, and we also know he doesnt know ana is alive and thinks shes dead meaning he probably raised pharah for a good part of her life or was at least a large part in it, judging by the sprays for ana the emote depicting pharah and her origin story everything shows pharah as a young girl when it comes to pharah and ana so she probably wasnt even in her teens yet when ana “died”


We don’t really know who her father even was though to be honest. At least we have a name now due to an interaction line, that can get those people who were saying that Jack or Gabriel was her father to shut up. But we still don’t have a face to the name.

  • Pharah : Mum, don’t you think it’s time you told Sam you’re alive?
  • Ana : You let me worry about what your father needs to know.

So her fathers name was “Sam” apparently. But we don’t really know who Sam is in the flesh. Considering Pharah called her father by first name instead of dad, could easily suggest that she has no relationship with him and certainly isn’t close to him. Possibly resenting him for something.

Really? I dont remember us getting an age confirmation

Widow killed her husband 8 years before the current date. Widow then beat Ana in a duel that sent her to faking her own death. Pharah is currently 32, so Ana faked her death when Pharah was 24.


Well in her short story they showed young pharah, so she might have been between 7-10 in my opinion

Regardless of her age, that’s a horrible thing to do your daughter. Ana isn’t gonna win any trophies on that front any time soon. Ana may have loved her daughter but I doubt she was much of a parent.

In Pharah’s voicelines she seems much more ambivalent about Ana than Ana does about her.

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Dang I’ve never heard that voice line before.She sounds like a horrible person

I did when I went Ana for my team, because we needed a healer and I was in a sniping mood. Someone else went Pharah and then that voice line triggered.

And is she even a good person? She left her entire family,friends and her life behind so she could do what exactly?

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Figure things out and then become a mask vigilante. She’s a lot more like Soldier than she’s willing to admit.


You have to be willing to sacrifice things if you want to become the most deadly person on the planet. Have to sacrifice even more to straighten yourself out afterwards. Family was one of those things for Ana. Definitely similar to 76.

That makes sense i guess

Hey you don’t know the situation, don’t judge!

Winston: “Pharah, your mother was a hero to us all”
Pharah: “You probably knew her better than me”


The reason Pharah called him “Sam” in that voice line was because most people didn’t know who Sam was outside of an interview with Michael Chu from Blizzcon, which, if you don’t go out of your way to search for lore, you wouldn’t have had any idea who he was.

It’s telling that she calls him ‘Dad’ when she talks to Torbjörn.

  • Torbjorn : Fareeha, any plans for the Winter?
  • Pharah : I’m flying home to see my dad.

- OR -

  • Pharah : I’m going to head to Canada to see my dad.

That said, there was said to be some resentment towards Sam (or at least they weren’t as close) in Pharah’s childhood, but apparently it’s mostly been resolved.

My girlfriend & I have surmised that might have Pharah blamed Sam for breaking their family apart (possibly due to not wanting to stay in a relationship where his wife pris constantly overseas with Overwatch) and because she was young & idolized Ana to a massive degree, was unwilling to really view her mother in a negative light, especially when she desperately wanted Ana to be around.

As for Ana being a good mother?

I wouldn’t put her up there.

I mean, I get the whole duty with Overwatch thing.


  • A) You don’t fake your death and not tell your family that you’re alive.
  • B) You don’t inform your daughter that you’re still alive through a letter, robbing her of any closure that she could desperately have needed.
  • C) You don’t join your clearly unhinged friend in his illegal vigilante crusade against whatever invisible enemy he’s going up against, ESPECIALLY when you’ve yet to actually talk to your family face-to-face.

Not only that, but Ana has insinuated that everything that went wrong with her & Sam’s relationship is more on her shoulders than Sam’s:

Ana sighed, “She never responded to my first letter.”
*> *
> Jack winced, “She’ll come around in time. She loves you. Did you tell Sam anything?”
*> *
> “I will, eventually. Maybe,” Ana said, “I made a big enough mess of his life without having to give him the news. None of us are very good at saying goodbye, are we?”

- Overwatch: Bastet

Mind you, this was sort of in reference to how Jack chose Overwatch over Vincent, both him & Ana being more dedicated to their jobs than their personal life.

I also find it very funny how Jack brushes the rift between Ana & Pharah off like “Eh, Pharah will eventually get over it” when he has NO clue on how to raise a family or be in a committed relationship when he gave up any possibility of both things happening.

So to answer your question…probably not the worst, but DEFINITELY not the best.

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Oh sorry just in that context she doesn’t sound like a good person

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