IP unsolvable disconnections and suspensions

I have internet provider issues unrelated to my in-house network, seen here: https:// forums.xfinity .com/t5/Your-Home-Network/High-Packet-Loss-High-Ping-Issues/td-p/3314299. It is unsolvable via contacting my IP, and I have been reconnecting and playing my games except for occasional starts and disconnection mishaps. I want an unban and deescalation of ban for this circumstance of my ban from the competitive season.

Very unlikely. Their stance on bans can be found in the pinned threads:

In the meantime, if you’re having trouble staying connected, it’s best to stop playing modes that will result in penalties when you leave games.

It’s like short connection spikes where I instantly reconnect most of the time and it’s playable. Every game mode has a penalty, and I’m not leaving games, but having random distant disconnections. And they all have bans, right? Besides, I’m playing very competitively :roll_eyes: and find the other modes BORING.

I bought a new ISP…

Can someone who supervises the CS Representatives PLEASE look into this issue? Especially now that I have a new ISP.

Leniency and forgiveness on this issue really should be brought up~!

On another issue for supervisors of CSRs, these rules are too harsh and too many bans have been given out. For example, mass reports to which eventually completely ban (or temp ban) players for abusive chat/cheating should get a second chance later on because the issue was people having disagreements and them giving the displeasure of a ban, abusing the system. – Now, we should have another chance that is later on, maybe the company can do a thing that has a lesser amount of warnings because I know I’ve had really difficult times in the past dealing with other things and have new understandings and approaches for this as I’ve grown.

You’re welcome to voice all of these ideas in the #general-discussion or #competitive-discussion, but the developers don’t monitor the Technical Support forum.

As for penalties, they treat all leaving the same because they have no way of telling if someone pulls their power cord vs their ISP is dropping their service. You’re welcome to use the ticket system at any time to communicate directly with the employees, but I’m certain they will give you the same news.

I hope things are better with your new ISP.