Interesting Mercy Idea Regarding 'Nonrecoverable Health'


These recent PTR patch notes seems to have everyone typing up a storm about a possible over heal function for Mercy or an upcoming support hero. For anyone not in the loop, the new patch notes swapped around the order of what takes damage first (nonrecoverable shields then nonrecoverable armor then nonrecoverable health is the interesting bit)
As far as I can think, no hero has nonrecoverable health. Lots of people are turning to the classic comparison between Mercy and Medic from TF2 with the ‘over heal’ functionality to give her more of a purpose.
Personally, I believe that if it worked the way people seem to be imagining, it could be wildly overpowered–especially in high tier games–and would cause her to be nerfed into the floor. Again.
I feel they should make it some form of resource management system. Similar to Moira’s healing running out or Bastion’s self heal ability, this ‘over heal’ could be on a strict rechargeable bar next to Mercy’s cross hair. This would allow her to over heal certain teammates temporarily, allowing them to play a bit more aggressive and carefree while still making the player think about what they are doing.
Personally, I think of myself as a decent Mercy player even though I dislike playing her. It feels too… simple for Overwatch. With an ability like this, much more thought could go into everything she does from positioning to who she is pocket healing. If you choose to over heal the Doomfist so he can dive aggressively, you still leave your Zenyatta without the possible over heal to keep him alive in a prominent team fight. It may actually make Mercy feel much more engaging to play to many people who have never even tried playing as her before because it’s seen as a ‘brainless hero’. Especially one that’s not in a very good spot right now (aside from when she’s pocket healing an Ashe I guess).

Then again, I’m not really a Mercy player, though I feel like this change may make me play her. I’d love to hear what some people think about these changes and speculation, especially those who main Mercy.


This is an interesting idea. I’m not with the “rework Mercy” movement, but I think she could use a buff, especially where her ultimate is concerned. I’m not sure if having overhealing on a meter would be the best idea, since the transition from regular healing to overhealing would be hard to predict, and have people staring at the HP bar instead of at the fight, but otherwise I think a small overheal would be a great choice for Mercy.


As you said you think her ultimate needs changing, I got an idea. I should also say I agree. With this possible ‘over healing’ capability, perhaps that could be a function of her ultimate. While using her ultimate, those that she heals can get a temporary boost of non-recoverable health. This would definitely give it more use, but may not be what it needs. Also, this is very close to what Brigitte was able to do and people were very frustrated over it. Perhaps it wouldn’t be as frustrating if it were health instead of armor, though…
If not for a bar, I got thinking. Perhaps her resurrect could turn into a new ability that I’ve called “Turbolader” (German for turbo charge). This ability I’ve imagined would power up her staff temporarily, allowing her to
A: over heal a teammate,
B: get a burst of fast healing,
or C: resurrect a teammate.

Maybe having all 3 of those packed into one ability could be too much, but I struggle to think of what else they could do without reworking her. Without burst healing or some other function to give her kit more variety, I think she’s just going to stay in a bad spot. Either she’s overpowered when she gets a buff to pocket heal certain heroes or she’s useless when she’s not.