Intentional Leaver Penalty

I have been doing my placements (A little late ik) and 3 of my dps placements had 2 or more leavers. Its weird to me that so many games are being ruined by leavers, and I’m sure I’m not the only one, but then u look at the penalty for leaving early. Lose a few sr, and cant play for 10mins. Excuse me blizz?? In comp, people who leave intentionally, should lose 250sr immediately, and for the first leave 24hr account suspension, second leave, 3 days, third leave 1 week, 4th leave, 2 weeks, 5th leave, Account banned. People who DC should lose 15sr per dc, and should be allowed back into the game, but should not be allowed to play comp for 30mins after the game. #2: I also think that in qp, u should not be able to join games late, but that’s just an opinion. Please, post about this and make sure someone at blizz reads it


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Totally agree with you.
Apparently Blizzard will increase penalty on leavers in next patch, finally.

Internet goes out… drops 250sr and can’t play overwatch for 24 hours. Internet goes out 5 times, you get BANNED. LOL

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People gonna stop playing due to the penalty being too harsh, scared of having an issue despite everything being fine.