Instant match cooldown for inactivity

In the last 3 days, my internet has had quick hiccups resulting in me being kicked for inactivity or being disconnected, however, I am instantly banned from the match and don’t have the option to return. Is this a bug???
I try and re-connect but I am given insane penalties for things out of my control

No, when you are selected for a Competitive match, you are committed to that match even if from your end you fail to load into the game. This can happen if the connection is disrupted during the search queue. Since you mentioned that you already identified your internet is causing problems, you need to avoid playing Competitive play until those issues can be resolved.

If you would like help or troubleshooting tips, refer to these starting steps or post in the #technical-support forum for additional assistance.

You can read about Blizzard’s policy about Competitive Leaver Penalties here: