Inside Overwatch: Balance Design and the Experimental Card

Inside Overwatch: Balance Design and the Experimental Card

Find out more about the team behind balance design and discover how the Overwatch community took a shot at creating the perfect patch notes.

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Aight, now I can make an actual comment

Sorry, but when did OWL casters, OWL coaches, streamers, and pros make up and represent the entire Overwatch Community?

Last I checked most people thought this was some sort of joke, nothing even remotely close to “perfect patch notes”.


This is funny


I’m gonna go grab the popcorn


get some for me aswell


… before I click the link…

Just noting down: when you said “take a shot”

Interpreting that means the Alcohol version

im assuming this is early april fools jokes cmon this has to be.


Geoff with an interesting idea:

If you could make one change to your main that would be super fun but WILDLY unbalanced, what would it be?

Geoff: The one that comes to mind right now is giving Widowmaker and/or Wrecking Ball multiple charges of grapple. This would certainly fit the bill of wildly unbalanced, but damn if it isn’t fun to grapple multiple times in a row like Spiderman.

Imagine Widow literally as Spiderwoman around the map. LOL


Gonna assume that’s the spider woman that’s actually also Carnage too

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Let’s take a look…

And just because, here’s one of my more harsh recent balance takes.

As well as a list of specific balance implementation posts.
[✅] Exp Card ideas to Fix Tanks
[✅] Balancing to solve "Rein or Lose"
[✅] Ending the Hanzo Hypocrisy
[✅] Pick system, instead of Bans
[✅] ImmoField HealthGating rework
[✅] OW2 PVP, Low Barrier problems

And I’ve also been meaning to make a post detailing how of Rein has an 800hp barrier, we’re right back into dealing with DoubleBarrier.

Since two AnchorTanks would be objectively stronger raw barrierhp, barrier breaking, and barrier regen.

It’s basically unavoidable for devs to solve DoubleBarrier either through balance, by getting rid of the close range peel options.
Ie. Frontline brawler Brig with no peel, tank Mei, ImmoField with a weakness to Dive, Accretion with a weakness to Dive, and doing something about those GOATs knockback changes (I.e. Treating ranged-knockbacks differently than pointblank-knockbacks).

Or some sort of 1x Tank, 1x Barrier, or Debuff if 2x Barrier gimmick.


The idea was to use your boops to knock enemies around (and projectiles, at the time his boop could reflect projectiles)

I’m begging you, give Lucio back the Pyro Airblast :sob:

When did it say the entire community? As the people mentioned, are clearly part of the community.


I was watching Chro answer this question on his stream like a week ago. He said he would change Junkrats tire so it wouldn’t explode but instead you would just run people over with it. If you drive it into a group of the enemy team it would knock them away like bowling pins. People on their own would get run over. It clearly does a good chunk of damage when it hits people though.

That would be fun.


redshirt guy approve somewhere…

Oh this GOTTA be in Overwatch 2


This post is the biggest meme ever


Yea, which is part of the overwatch community. Or do you think it should include each of the millions of people?


“The goal: achieve the seemingly unachievable–perfect balance.”
So, this card wasn’t supposed to be a joke after all? In any case, the “WILD” changes that Geoff and Josh themselves suggested sounded a lot more fun than most of what we actually got.

No matter how I look at it, I still stand by the opinion that this card - how it came out to be - was an utter waste of time and potential.


When they are referring to “the overwatch community” they are obviously referring to a portion of the community that helped drive the changes. Much in the same way that when you or others on the forums saying “Blizzard should…” you arent referring to the night time janitor that works at the blizzard office. You’re obviously referring tot he particular subset of Blizzard to which the context of your post would apply.