Initializing systems! Updating Competitive play for Overwatch 2

Initializing systems! Updating Competitive play for Overwatch 2

Competitive play has been at the heart of the Overwatch community for years, and we're excited to share how we’re updating it for Overwatch 2!

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Yay Competitive stuff! Definitely a must read for those interested in Competitive play.

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Finally. Let’s have a read.

So new stuff:

  • MMR decay (I.e. MMR soft-reset)
  • Less annoying placements
  • Other stuff that’s mostly aesthetic nice-to-haves

Was kinda hoping for Hero Drafts, Hero Bans, or an In-Game Tournaments system.
But I guess those could come in later seasons.

Now I’m curious if they are going to have Tank/Support Role Limits in Competitive Open Queue.
Or if they are just gonna leave it to Arcadey GigaGOATs cheese.

Would be kinda nice to have a choice between:

  • Composition Quality and Composition Balance
  • Queue Times and Composition Balance

Instead of just

  • Queue Times

Yay comp 2.0!

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More like competitive 1.2… :smile:

Sounds like they’re doing something like MMR reset, but without saying it outright. Going to be chaos for a few weeks after OW2 opens the comp floodgates.


Nice - almost like they had a comms plan all along…

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A little bit annoyed about not getting to see my SR until I win 7 games or lose 20.

Effectively, an average of 14 placement games for every role - 42 placement games for someone who plays every role.

Result will probably be that I only play one role in competitive going forward where I used to at least do placement games in every role.

will miss the exact SR number tbh.

However, players who got to learn more about the game in our betas, or who follow the Overwatch League, may find themselves ranked higher than ever.

Watching Oversnore League gives you a rank buff :open_mouth:

Hey what happened to all of the other posts?

I would like to ask something to the developers at Blizzard entertainment: will there be native mouse and keyboard support for console players? Considering it was mentioned that leaderboards would be separated by input pool


“Competitive season will be aligned with our overall seasonal schedule, including the Battle Pass. We’re removing the commemorative sprays and icons players earned each season, including the top 500 sprays and icons.”

Wait so does this mean the top 500 sprays and icons from previous seasons are being removed or simply not having them as rewards in ow2?

It’s worded like all the icons and sprays (from ow1) are going to be removed which would absolutely suck

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No, they are not going to deliver more icons and sprays, it would be absurd to delete the old ones and those obtained these months, why did they make one of genji then? .

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It kind of does, if you’re learning anything at all from watching good players play the game. I certainly find myself inting less and picking heroes better having spent time watching OWL, but you can’t completely re-train an old dog.


I told ppl hero drafts wouldn’t be a thing, not enough heroes yet, maybe in the future. I’m surprised they will let ppl play competitive even if they don’t have all heroes, unless they just didn’t say anything since it won’t really affect anything this first season. I think guilds/clams will be announced alongside PvE. I was surprised they didn’t mention any in game tournament system tho, kind of bummed about that

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All good stuff here.

Looking forward to it!

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It REALLY is comp 2.0. Almost everything changed.


Love the changes in general. The constant up and down of my SR number was so frustrating at times that I just quit comp for a few weeks. The new system will make it a lot better.

Love also the decay system! The only thing that I dont really like is that you need 300 games for a gold weapon instead of 200 games, but matches seem to be shorter so huh.


THANK YOU FOR ALL THESE POSTS! This is exactly what I want, obsessively reading new info every single day till launch, getting more and more anxious and excited, hype to 1000!

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