Indian flag gamer pic

For a while now I’ve been wondering why overwatch doesn’t have an Indian flag. I’m half Indian and have had this on my mind for some time. Symetra is Indian and I would love to represent by showing off the flag to my friends, teammates and opponents.

Many country flags don’t have a player icon due to legal reasons.


Ah I see. I see what I can do :wink:

Im mayby wierd, but i dont realy get this flags of country as icon in games, there are better once than this :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s just a bit lame playing with people around the world and having a flag to show off their patriotic devotion. I’m stuck with a pachimari (which I love btw) and would like to be able to show my love for India :cry:

hey just to be safe, can you sub to pewdiepie? Sound like you may be into t-series, we can’t have that.

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Some of them look quite nice. I actually like the design for India’s flag. Very unique.

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Welp, not only india lack those, my country flag was also not added even if i think it was shown somewhere (not sure 100%), but i didnt cared much to be honest.