Increase the damage of pulse bomb

But tracer is balance she doesn’t need a buff


Today I sticked the pulse bomb to a Genji which started his ultimate. After I sticked my pulse bomb to him he got boosted by ana and my pulse bomb hasn’t any effect. It’s hard enough for a tracer to stick it to small targets like Genji, even players on grandmaster missing it a lot of times.

Sticked pulse bombs should be still able to kill a boosted target imho.

Isnt this technically “counter play”? I mean it was a coincidence but your ult got negated by another ult


Hmmm I don’t understand why a ultimate shouldn’t be able to kill a target, even if it’s a tank. It’s an ultimate.

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They don’t all have the same value. That’s the nature of the game. Tracer is very strong in other aspects, a weak ult helps balance her.

There’s plenty of worse ults, that probably won’t net you much value.


They don’t need to increase the damage, just get rid off the falloff or reduce it severely. I pulse bombed a Grav where I stuck the tank and there were 2 squishies in there. All of them took damage, none of them died. The falloff reduced the damage from the Pulse Bomb so much that the squishies stuck tightly together were still far enough away to not take full damage.

Tracer is fine. She still has a powerful standard kit and her ultimate is still pretty effective if used on the right target at the right moment.

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Pulse bomb is that cherry on top of a dodge dip duck and dive fest into the enemy.

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The nerfed her bomb because Tracer is not a tank buster. That is not her role.

I doubt the developers will buff it.

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I wouldn’t really mind it if Pulse bomb killed a nano’d squishy.
Pulse bomb is the hardest ult to land on a squishy, if not the hardest ult in the entire game period. If a Tracer manages to land it under the pressure of a Nano’d squishy, she probably deserved the kill tbh.

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I don’t know.

It sounds like pulse bomb got outplayed and that nanoboosting a player who got a bomb stuck on him is more like a counterplay to it.

It took a second player (Ana) to save her teammate at the cost of her ultimate. It was Ana who countered it, just like how Zarya can counter it with her bubbles and Lúcio with his ultimate. It’s counterplay.

This is exactly what I want to say… if a Tracer is able to stick the pulse bomb to an ~250 HP enemy, even if the enemy is nano’d, the enemy should die.

At the moment there are really enough possibilities to counterplay a Tracer.

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I’m fine with being able to barely survive pulse bomb as a deployed bastion, tyvm.

Good, that’s how it should be.
An eye for an eye in this scenario, but a support ultimate is supposed to keep people alive.

And a dps ultimate is supposed to kill a target, so I cannot follow your logic.

I understand, but,
nano-boost is a supportive/defensive ultimate, that turns people into tanks.
And your not supposed to kill tanks with it.

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As it stands it barely feels like an ult tbh.
It’s super hard and risky to land, yet yields so little reward.

How about you stick Ana herself.

This. Plus tracers ult is the one of if not the fastest ult to get in the game

then we need to nerf pretty much all dps ultimates because they also kill tanks