Increase level 3 symmetra beam to 240 damage


I agree. Delete level 1, keep everything else the same.
Level 3 is really good, and 12m buff is noticable. But it takes too long to go from level 1 to 3.


Oh I know, lets turn her ult into a material emancipation grill! /s


Increasing the damage on the level three beam will do nothing towards making it feel better, and honestly neither will fixing the tic rate. The gun feels bad because damage ramp, while a decent mechanic on an auto aim gun, it is a horrible mechanic on a gun that needs to aim.

For the first two seconds of every combat, symmetra does less average dps than the majority of the support class, only being brig and Moira who are given things to make up for their low damage. For the two seconds after that you are a trash tier dps. No other dps needs to wait five seconds to be a decent pick, why should sym?

Removing the ramp up allows her to be a serious dos from the start of a combat and actually punish people who come into the primary range.

Right now it just feels like I am constantly being punished for using my main weapon.


This all of this!

maker her a threat at her effective range by removing the ramp up! Just like reaper, everyone knows your screwed if reaper get up close to you.
Giving her 12 m tracking beam with 60 dps at start doesnt really makes sense at all.

  • 10 m range beam without ramp up but have 190 dps flat damage, lets say remove the additional 2 m but atleast her being this powerful up close will deter flankers and divers and actaully make her a threat at this range.

She still has the orbs and turret for long range uses and this will give her incentive to use her beam more and be aggresive not a spam and pray dps.


Damage ramp only works is the weapon has the auto lock, because the auto lock means you always get the low levels of damage. If her primary is going to be taken seriously, it needs to feel like a better option than my orbs. Since my orbs are much more effective against armor and easy to aim within 10m, there is no reason to use my primary until five seconds in. During the time I am charging my primary I could have killed more than that person with my orbs, especially with a turret.

Honestly her damage does not even need to be increased. Even with four seconds of low damage, her primary ends up being the third best weapon in game for close combat fighting, after sentry bastion and reaper. She actually has a very long time between reloads, which means that her dps doesn’t see as much of a drop over long engagements. Just allowing her to have the flat 180 dps will mean she is a threat from the start.

If we can get rid of giving shield health, we can get rid of the bad ramp up mechanic.


if her weapon cannot have the lock on feature, then it no longer should have ramp up.

It should have a base flat dps dmg, decent range for her lack of survivability/ (this means more range). And an increase in hit box width.

i try using her beam, I’ve even gotten it to almost max tier hitting people, but even if i get it to that stage, everyone just runs away. Sure i can teleport to them but its too slow and by that time i lost my power.

Bigger range will help greatly in a game with too much movement / escapes /gap closers.

bigger width will help getting that poop to hit better. Currently, it feels smaller than zyras, jesus.