Increase level 3 symmetra beam to 240 damage


What’s the damage per tick?


Look it up yourself.


I did, it looks to be 3 ticks per second but it’s the internet so I have no idea if that is accurate according to Sym players.


It’s accurate. Or at least as close to accurate as anyone is willing to do.


Orisa has 200 Armor and 200 HP. As you can see I did around 50% damage to her when she attempted to body block beam at level 3. Using the 20 tick rule

180 Potential DPS ÷ 20 ticks = 9 damage a tick

9 damage a tick -5 armor reduction = 4 damage or 5 to be generous.

4 damage x 20 ticks = 80 DPS
5 damage x 20 ticks = 100 DPS

For holding the beam for 2 seconds on an armored target at max charge:

80 DPS x 2 seconds = 160 total DPS vs armor
100 DPS x 2 seconds = 200 total DPS vs armor

That’s after you wait 4 seconds.

For 60 DPS (before Ramp Up) you’ll be doing 20-40 DPS or for waiting 2 seconds: 40-80 DPS.

Not worth using at all unless you have a HUGE advantage (moping up remaining enemies)

Sym’s primary fire sucks

the short version is that Symmetra’s primary fire does 50% damage to armored targets.


Pretty much.

But let’s not forget evasive targets (Genji with Armor Buffs), self heal armor enemies (Brigitte) and all tanks (except Roadhog and some cases, Hammond) so unless your tracking is at 100% the beams damage reduced by half is a generous conclusion.


the damage being reduced by half is just the raw numbers. If you factor in hit rate, even a good 60% accuracy against an armored target becomes an embarassing 30% DPS against armor, and with Brigitte existing that would be literally everyone.



There is just no reason for the beam.


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I believe it’s 10, 20 char


Like it would fix the problem, adding 2 meters is not what she needs tbh.

Look at zarya she has 16 meters that deals damage at 190 at max and she isnt even a dps, but symm has 12 m with 180 dmg and classified as a damage hero? , what a joke!

She need a flat damage that dont rely on ramp up on a 30 m range beam, even if its 80 dps will make her damage viable and consistent.

Like i said earlier
Either make her leathal at close range (12m with 280 dps) or make her beam longer ( 30 m 80 flat dps).


Address the tick rate issue & decrease the level one -> two charge time to one second. That’s all it needs.


You guys do realize this is a team game, right?

While I do agree something can, and probably should be done about the tick rate, it’s already pretty easy to level up the beam and melt pretty much anything, provided you have 1 team mate with you to take the heat off you. In team fights, where everyone is fighting everyone, it’s pretty easy going.

I’d say bring the PTR beam range and tweak the tick rate, and we’re golden.


That for me would be the bare minimum but it will at least make the beam viable to be used in close range engagements.


30 meters!? 280 dps at close range!??? That’s not lethal, thats downright nuclear. That’d be insane. And she has the orbs and turrets. I have had no trouble getting gold elims with new symm. Between the beam, the balls, and the turrets, she has plenty of effective dps. The beam is primarily shield pressure, the turrets are consistent beam dps and slow/cc and her balls are her main source of damage.


He has communications issues, met him in game and he was one of the most stunned people I’ve met.


well its just an idea i have, maybe you can offer something balance?

And to the person above me, i cant believe he cant move on from our “PTR” encounter, lol
Such a loser to bring irrelevant issue on the topic.


some balance? Literally how it is. I have not had an issue so far with new sym on getting high elimination and contributing to the team. I have come away many games with gold elims in the high 30s. I don’t feel she has an issue. The beam extension might make her primary a little more often chosen, but honestly i use it to pressure shields because there’s no ammo drop, making it constant. I only use it as a kill option at specific times, and thats fine. I dont necessarily use torb’s primary all that often over his shotgun. It has it’s use and thats fine.


Damage inflicted on Sym’s Wall Ult charges her Primary? I LOVE THIS.


Elims represent nothing for a hero such as Symmetra. Her turrets and splash damage on orbs will easily make her get points for almost any kill in a game. Her primary is useless because the charge up mechanic was kept and poorly balanced. Address that and the biggest issue will be fixed, then minor tweeking can be done.