Increase level 3 symmetra beam to 240 damage


This way, a full-charged beam will be just as deadly as before, assuming 50% accuracy.


What happens against tanks?



What about non armored enemies?

As a Symmetra main I will state with full conviction:

Raising overall damage numbers (from 60/120/180 to anything higher) is stupid.

Fix tick rate and damage WILL increase without altering max damage values.


Inb4 “learn to aim”, “jUSt CharGe oN sHiElDs!” comments


She only needs to get out of level 1 to level 2 faster than she does currently and she will be fine.
Level 3 can still take 2 seconds to charge but the level 1 beam needs to go up quicker.


Honestly, level 1 doesn’t need to exist. Why not just current level 2 as the baseline and 2 seconds to level 3.


Lvl 3 is a monster. If you get up to it currently you melt everyone given the chance. The issue is her lvl 1 and 2. It takes too long to ramp up and you are very vulnerable. The dmg should be upped on the first two levels at least because her alt is just the better option prior to hitting level 3.


yeah but a tracer or genji can still kill her before she even gets to lv2


And what are they going to do when she goes live to Leagues where people have inhuman accuracy. That’s some strong, possibly game breaking damage you’re proposing there.


Well it only has 10 meters and she is squishy without any additional shield or barrier on E

Reaper on that range delivers leathal damages up to 200+ dps so its only reasonable for her to be leathal and deadly at close range if that was blizzard is designing her to be. They say tank to shield buster etc. Just like reaper and it needs aim now so its skill right?
Those who have godlike aim are like 1% of the playerbase so she will become good at higher level of play but fair on lower levels


Bug fix damage is the problem. Revert bug fix damage but somehow get rid of the exploit and the beam will be good again.


So you can kill a 200hp heros in less than one second! Great.

Sym just need a OFFENSIVE-ULT something that can KILL and wipe enemies.


12 meters in ptr. 20cha


She has an offensive ult. Split the middle and fire balls of death and turrets whil hopping through it. No one survives :stuck_out_tongue:


You know what they need to do about primary? Give ramp up a threshold and values while allowing beam to pierce enemies. Also, her Ult’s damage blocked should contribute to charge gain.

Enemies, barriers, and enemy placeables (turrets, traps, etc.) are assigned a value. As you damage them the value is added to a counter which builds until the beam levels up. With piercing, if enemies/enemy objects are bunched up the beam levels up faster. Enemies have a base value, say 3. Enemy objects, 1. Enemy barriers should be 5. So if you fire at a lone enemy it will take 2 seconds to ramp up. Firing on a barrier will only take a second to ramp up. Firing on a group of enemies/enemies walking past their barrier protection will vary from short to instant.

This could also apply to Photon Barrier. As damage gets blocked the energy used charges Symmetra’s weapon.

Symmetra was basically deleted
Symmetra's buff

Just fix the tick rate. Felt so good melting people when the rework launched on PTR.


Armor reduces the damage down quite a bit.


No it will still be worse because leveling up the charges on the weapon won’t have been fixed back to how easy it was originally on PTR. That’s the most important part they ruined.


still needs to do higher dps given it is very short range, she has no survivability nor health regen or damage mitigation. She hast to charge up the weapon. It requires a high amount of accuracy now, actually the highest in the game factoring in you need sustained high accuracy to charge it up to then be able to actually do damage. And the fact it can’t headshot and lost 30% of it’s ammo.

It needs more range, and thicker beam like promised so charging it is more consistent, and it needs higher damage. Otherwise sym 2.0 support symmetras primary will still be far superior. Which is quite pathetic on Blizzards part.


yes well, I’d rather just have them fix it so that she doesn’t do 50% damage to armor.