Increase 6v6 to 7v7


So instead of having 5 dps I will have 6 dps? Great!

But for real, this wont solve any problem you’ve said, no matter how much players there are in a team, people wont magically start playing tanks or healers, nor will they be able to win 6v7 when a player is throwing or bad.


The devs already tried both 7v7 and 5v5. The former made players feel like they weren’t contributing anything. The latter made teams feel as if all was lost due to just one bad player


They experimented with more players per team before the game was released and settled on 6 as the best.




This will still happen. 5v6, 6v7, it doesn’t matter. Having one less teammate will still be a disadvantage.

Metas will still be very much alive. They’ll just be different.

Since metas will still be alive, so will this.

As mentioned in the first point, whether it’s 5v6 or 6v7, It’s still a disadvantage. If both teams are equal and one has a thrower, the team without the thrower will win.


Most players do not want to throw and do not want to pick garbage picks. Thus I’d wager overall you would have fewer throwers and better picks; and even if they’re bad or throw picks, the larger team size can offset those. 6 v 7 also sounds a lot more doable than the often impossible 5 v 6 challenge of hades.


Without Role Restrictions? Hell no. We can’t make everything possible in a 7v7, otherwise you could just play broken Combos that aren’t counterable. (Basically an even stronger version of Goats)


I think they should try 7v7 again then, because at face value I’d see myself being able to have more opportunities to go against varied types of characters if there were 7 to choose attacking versus just 6 which can often be direct counters to your character that are nigh impossible to destroy. The current state of the game might be so vastly different that 7v7 is more viable now than it was before when there were fewer characters to pick.


9v9 is the way to go


That would need a Role Que 2-3-2 enforced system


Not if there is a role Q and a forced 2-2-2 and 1 flex or 1-1-1 and 4 flex.


just break the core design of the game because throwers 4head

Metas will still form, people will still have to play specific roles because changing the number of people doesn’t remove the need for tanks or healers or DPS.


None of this would be “solved”. The meta would simply adapt to having 7 players instead of 6, and bad hero picks would still be bad picks, while the good ones will remain good.


You could just play Ashe, with Bob it is 7v7 if the enemy team also has an Ashe.


At face-value anyone should easily be able to surmise 1v2 is harder than 2v3, which is harder than 5v6, and 5v6 is harder than 6v7. As I said, it would DIMINISH the problem -which is better than having a currently worse problem.

More variety in metas and sub-metas will result in more variety in what characters you can choose and may significantly reduce the need for metas due to large numbers of players balancing each other out in general. This would DIMINISH the issue of metas being overly dominant, I’d wager.

The issue of being forced into certain classes is DIMINISHED when you have a larger variety of players both on your team and on the enemy’s team, by virtue of having more ways you can counter them and more ways your teammates balance out your downsides.

As mentioned in my original post, when it’s 6v7 instead of 5v6, the issue of 1 player having overwhelming power to throw the game is DIMINISHED. If both teams are equal and one has a throw, the team without the throw has a DIMINISHED chance of winning due to the thrower.


Points for thinking outside the box, but it won’t change things significantly in regard to throwers. Mainly because 99% of the player base has no clue whether someone is throwing or simply having a bad game.


Im not sure how this could work out, the whole game has been designed since launch around 6v6, lowering it can work for some game types as weve seen but raising it for main game modes would probably just break the game, and be an insane amount of tuning, but ill give you props for an idea ive never seen (not here that much dont flame cuz its been suggested before, ive never seen it)


They would have to redesign so much about the game. Not worth it.


Role restrictions are not necessary. However, a limit on the number of players in a specific class could potentially be used to offset a majority of 1 team’s players miraculously having their neurons explode as they all choose the same class in an epic feat of memetic stupidity.


No, no, I think he’s on to something. If you have more players than DPS eventually someone will have to pick tank or support because there’s no DPS left to choose from!

We just need to make the games and even 20v20.