Incorrect S3 rank given as Final for multiple roles

I finished season 3 Competitive Role Queue with:
Tank - Plat 5
Damage - Diamond 5
Support - Diamond 5

And the final has displayed Tank as Gold 3 and Damage as Plat 4.
Support is showing the correct Final rank of Diamond 5, but has decayed to Plat 4 anyways.

This has to be a bug for it to have dropped as my FINAL rank, not even decay.
I still got my Diamond rewards thanks to one of the roles staying Diamond before decaying, but clearly this is a different story for others.
Please fix this, my account is Jeckt#2657

There wasn’t suppose to decay either, so clearly Season 4 is broken at the moment.

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The Devs have acknowledged this bug: Overwatch 2 Known Issues - April 11, 2023. However, we still need to keep spreading the word about this bug so that they actually fix it unlike the bugged career profiles and missing end-of-season rewards from other previous seasons like Season 36. Here is a link to my post in case you would like to read more about this issue: Comprehensive Thread Of All Top 500/Competitive Bugs. I’ve compiled a list of posts regarding similar bugs under: Incorrect End Of Season Competitive Rank And Rewards (Seasons 1-3). Please help in spreading the word about this megathread and other related threads, we must demand the Developers to give us the rewards we rightfully earned.

My ranks was completly deleted, y hoy the rewards and ir just desapeared

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Deleted as in highly demoted or as in completely removed? The former is a very common bug and the other is probably game breaking.