Inconsistent FPS

I bought overwatch a few days ago to play with some friends, and since then I usually reach around 200-250 FPS. However, there are times when I’m playing where my fps will drop to 30 or even single digits for a few moments. This makes the game extremely unplayable, and I’m wondering why this is if I am already able to reach a maximum of around 200 FPS.


GTX 1050Ti
i7 2600k

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

It could be a lot of different things. Are you playing on wireless? When did you last update your gfx drivers? Do monitor GPU temperature? There are several sticky threads addressing these topics if you want to start troubleshooting.

I’m using a wired Ethernet connection for my PC. As for my drivers, I have Nvidia Gforce Experience, which should automatically keep them updated for me. I’ll try monitoring my GPU temperatures in game and let you know what I find.

Are you Alt tabbing within 1 game of the issues?

Does it go away after playing 2 games consecutively without alt-tabbing?

Is discord, or anything else running in the background?

Getting same issue…

Be advised that GeForce Experience only alerts you to new drivers, but you must install them manually through that program.

also this is just a tip, even with high end pc, the game is best run on low graphics. as well you should never run a fame rate higher then your monitor can handle, there is no benefit. capping frame rate at your monitor max might also help.

I’ll check to see if newer ones are available, thanks.

I have made my BIOS Update, Nvidia update, i made every nvidia settings of Overwatch to be focused on performance, tried to disable High Precision Event Timer, disabled Display tips, POTG capture UI and OWL results (some say it helps so i gave it a shot) i tried almost every settings coordination in video settings, i have tried both PhysX settings IntelR HD Graphics 530 and Geforce GTX 950M, i have tried to reset my game settings, set my power settings high performance, cleaned inside my pc my tempreture is around 70’C but i’m still experiencing fps drops from 150 fps all the way down to 50-40-30 fps sometimes. I’m about the stop playing this game if i cant find a solution, i hope i do becouse i love this game. I hope you can help me Nicole.

Can you start your own thread with a dxdiag report? This thread is 7 months old.