In your opinion, why do you dislike Overwatch more than in 2016

I bought the OW pre-release because it looked like the game to take over TF2, which I’d also played since launch. In 2016 everything was new, and all my friends were hyped to play it. Now none of my friends play OW anymore, either due to lack of interest or actively disliking it.

Personally, I’ve been pretty bored with it too. Enemies take too long to die, and small teams will always put people on tilt because if just 1 person underperforms it seriously affects your chances of winning. In short, it’s just more difficult to have fun now. I’ve done my comp DM placements and may push that into diamond+ if I get the itch, but it just doesn’t sound that appealing to me atm. Every time I open the game, I just look on the title screen and have to think about what sounds like the less worse experience. QP clownfest, toxic comp, or DM (the only arcade I enjoy). Right now the best thing about OW for me is DM, particularly the “Tryhard FFA” servers. Other than that nothing really gets me excited to play.

I had been toying with the idea of reinstalling TF2 just to see how it feels after not playing for 4 years, even though the game is known for having botters galore. So that’s what I did today, and I just got through playing a couple hours of 2_Fort… And it was so much fun! Maybe it’s just the novelty of something different, and revisiting a game I loved, but man… there is something about TF2 that they do really well; I don’t get tilted like I do in OW. I’m gonna take a break to eat dinner, and then I’ll probably play TF2 the rest of the night. Really glad I decided to give it another try.

Most of the characters I used to like have been changed so much they aren’t fun to play anymore.

The “gateway heroes” heroes that attracted players to try out Overwatch, when they normally stay FAR AWAY from pvp games and shooters - because of a (rightfully earned) reputation for toxicity, elitistism, gatekeeping, and outright hostility towards “outsiders” (aka anyone who isn’t a straight white dudebro with years of experince playing shooters) got reworked in ways that alienated the people who played them and killed most of their appeal to new players.

Heroes like Dva, Mercy, and Symmetra used to be lightingrods for players who normally wouldn’t have given Overwatch a chance… until they were reworked in ways that alienated their own mains.

Dva and Mercy mains used to make up the majority of the tank and healer playerbases, and the “Gateway Heroes” overall had a knack for converting casual players into hardcore ones.

Once the Gateway Heroes got clumsy reworks, the devs let the lightning out of the bottle.


New games + slow developing meta (lack of updates) = people getting bored and moving on. That is why most games go into decline. Major patches/new events will temporarily bring back people.

because I can no longer be a winston otp

  • to many stuns
  • to many low effort heros with massive impact like (mei, reaper, moira, briggite, orisa)
  • doomfist
  • and mccree the perfect hero.

Unpopular opinion, but I actually like the game even more than I did in 2016! All the new maps, heroes, game modes, and events are really neat in my eyes.

I bought the game because I liked how anyone could become a hero – even those who had never picked up a first-person shooter before. The fact that I, a complete noob, could still contribute to a match? That made me feel like a real hero.

And I really like the stuff they’ve added since then. The skins, the maps, the lore (especially Sigma’s story) have all helped me dive deeper and deeper into this world.

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I probably like Overwatch more now than I did in 2016, partially due to loving and regularly playing most of the post-launch heroes, and also because I’m not as terrible at it as I was then lol.

The only real complaints I have about OW’s current state are queue times for bad DPS queue times, and the current less than ideal tank balance.

Moira skill orbs. …

I don’t, really. The game has problems but I still like it, maybe more than when I started.

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Not enough new game content. And the balance patches are slow.

Each hero was unique and built for team play

Now everything is homogenized for individual play. It’s way more boring.

Also unique mechanics are gone.

No other game combined so many special ideas
.it’s bland now

Queue times, mostly. That is the major difference for me as someone who more or less always loved the game. It is just that no meta was my favorite meta and double shield has me shaking as I never want to experience that atrocity again.

this game just took a sharp decline in what seems like everything. just looking at the 2016 closed beta looks more interesting than now. theres too much of everything. so much visual clutter, the maps are so bland to look at now, etc

things changed so drastically when role queue was released i feel, i made a whole post about that, and others just about reminiscing about a time i never got to experience. it’s kinda sad. The game looks more appealing back in 2016 before i even got it.

theres some good reads in this one

^^^ This post said it all. For my part, was going to say the powercreep. It’s so bad that Zen’s healing is obsolete and the most successful supports are the high burst heal to compensate.

No Mass Rez, Symmetra was deleted and Doomsh!t is on every roof.

esports, streaming, e-celeb nonsense. All of this leads to people taking games too seriously instead of having fun.

Still boggles me that this piece of information mentioned incredibly briefly in a couple lines was all people got out of that entire story.

You wouldn’t know lore if it smacked you in the face.

The community and the forums

I guess I wouldn’t because I feel this game has not had lore for years at this point. I saw more from the Mortal Kombat Aftermath trailer which is a dlc story expansion than I did from this last year of Overwatch.