In world text update

How do you update in world text
I have a shop that when u buy the prices gos up but the the visuals just say “0”
Even tho I reference the player variable help plz

By default, Create In-World Text should reevaluate its strings. If you put a player variable in header parameter, you should be able to modify it. For example:

Create In-World Text(Event Player, Player Variable(Event Player, A), Vector(0, 0, 0), 1, Clip Against Surfaces, Visible To Position And String, Color(White), Default Visibility)

This text can be seen by the event player and its text is tied to that player’s variable “A”. The sixth parameter should be Visible To Position And String to let you modify its text.

Interesting I have it like that but it still says zero
I set player variable A = 2000
Then I modified player variable A += 1000 when interact is pressed
And it works functionally but the visual doesn’t change it just says zero
If you want you can look at my code and see where I went wrong
Code is 49NTG
It’s at the bottom of the last page

I do not know what is the problem.

At start, I see my money next to my portrait and name (top left) and killing bots gives me money.

/Now, I put a rule to have a lot of money to reach the shop/

Once I get to the shop, I can buy damage, HP or healing and I see how prices go up and my money goes down.

PS: The game mode looks so cool :ok_hand:

Oh snap lol idk what happened but it fixed itself and thank you you should play it and see how far you can get

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