In the likely event WW is in this Patch

If the patch came tomorrow the event would end on Christmas Eve, unless they decided to extend it just to snag the holiday itself.

I think it’s more likely that it’s Thursday, but I’d be happy to be wrong

No Christmas for you! sips eggnog coffee

You DO realise Jeff confirmed the patch is DEFINITELY coming tomorrow right?

Edit : I feel a bit stupid, he only said “next week”. I “Hope” It’s tomorrow.

Sorry for the moment of stupidity

Source : Patch 1.43 clarification


You do realize that it says ‘next week’ right? Not giving an exact date?

Apologies for any rude tone I might’ve had

I mean…
Atleast you linked the statement for full clarification.

Is already known which map got snowed in?

I do. Thanks for asking. Already edited before you commented.

Apologies, I’m not entirely in the best of moods right now

I don’t see why they can’t just extend events. Sure, they have a “schedule” and all but it doesn’t do the community any harm to have the event for an additional week.

That they dont follow anymore btw :man_shrugging:

There’s only one event they’ve ever done it for, and that’s because they understand people are busy during the time and enjoying the downtime from the holidays

Next week being this week.
“along with Winter Wonderland”

Jeff posted that the WW will be released with the latest patch.
Soooooooo, what’s the problem? You misreading?

Not at all, but things can go awry and plans CAN change

do have insider information?

Hence why I put it in quotations

Still, they have a general gist of it. We’ve yet to get something like summer games in the middle of November, so there’s that.

No, I’m just simply stating facts. Unforeseen issues pushed back the patch once, there’s nothing that says it can’t happen again

maybe, if you stop giving them IDEAS…cmon man