In the end, I was right about RQ

Or maybe we do not understand each other. I know its a blind threat, but it is still a threat.

Look, whether he wants to kill me or not does not matter. The real problem is that he hates me over my role.


You contradict yourself.

Either they care enough to want you dead, or they don’t care enough and don’t actually want you dead.

You can’t have both.

Well they care enough to tell me specifically that they want to kill me.

Again you are taking this way too literally.

No, it doesn’t.

Either they care enough or they don’t.

Well they care, just not enough to find me. However they still hate me and would probably punch me in the face if they met me in person.

All this because of what I play. Don’t you think its messed up that people hate each other over what roles people play?

41609 posts and still one of the few people on these forums worth reading after all these years. :+1:

With how much burst damage is in the game now, adding more armor or base health to some tanks might help, slightly buffing armor again is something they could try in experimental. Reinhardt still melts even with 50 more armor. These changes might help in “taking space” for your team.

Lowering the overall damage on tanks in exchange for HP buffs and less ult charge gained from damaging tanks would be interesting to try on experimental. If it becomes problematic put it away like 1/3/2.

2/2/2 solved most of the problems we faced but balancing is taking a long time. Blizzard is making “safe” balance changes every time we get a list.

Like in previous threads just report and move on. The mods will do the clean up.

Red herring fallacy.
relativist fallacy.
non-constructive comments.

But it didn’t…


With Hammond they did just that. High skill cap; self sufficient; fun.

The reaction hasn’t been kind: During his intro, everyone across all ranks treated him as a throw pick. Then now, when everyone’s complaining he’s over powered.

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Tbh, Hammond/Hog/Zarya/Rein are mostly fine.

Orisa/ suck, and are too reliant on Healers.

And general, Plat and below can’t easily swap out a Reinhardt, and replace with a Sigma, an Orisa or Winston.

Same: I don’t want 2/2/2 gone either.

I just have to play a few games of tank (fill), then I’m back on the DPS queue for a week.

All of the obvious results have happened (as the small pool of, “let’s think about this for a hot second” folks have claimed would happen); but the silly DPS outcry from all those years ago has been my gain :smiley:

Spot on, your whole post, but this in particular is the root problem. Heroes should be designed so that players WANT to play them, and that has not happened.

To me, role queue and now priority passes are just band aids onto the root problem - heroes need to be desirable to play. It’s not just tank/support either. Does anyone really use Bastion as their go-to except maybe for little bunker gimmicks?

There’s no ‘we’ in this equation, this was Blizzard giving DPS all of the bells and whistles and roster while shunting the less desirable parts to healer and tank roles. I used to LOVE playing tank, I didn’t care at all about DPS or whatever. But then they gave DPS waaay too much, and then CC and now its terrible to play tank. Healer feels about the same tbh, it can be rewarding granted that you’re team is fair.

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GOATs was not dead. After the Brigitte rework it got stronger in Open-Queue or QPC if played.

  • 5 DPS.
  • GOATs
  • Selfish Players refusing to swap to counter or match GOATs.
  • 4 Support (Tank or DPS) Mains in the same group.
  • 4k+SR, 5-6 stacks led to boosting at the top of the game. A lot harder to do now in Role-Queue with the limit of 2 stacking.

All fixed with Role-Queue.

We can agree to disagree.

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There is definitely a we, everyone is affected by RQ. We did not balance for tanks, we did not balance for DPS, and we did not balance for support.

Resulting in the mess of a balance we have now.

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the divide always existed

this is Blizzard’s fault for having so many DPS heroes and too few Tank/Support heroes

at one time in my opinion it was balanced for it
after the summer games 2020 in my opinion and allott of people’s overwatch was in a really good state
then they either buffed solider or hog I don’t remember

ok the divide in theory can be fixed by balancing the game again to where tanks are not total trash but the problem is doing this will cause more of a divide because dps will get nerfs and people hate when their hero is nerfed
the que can be fixed in a similar way of having more tank and support heroes
allot of heroes could use a rework
I think it would be really intresting to see Bastion as a tank or Doomfist and Mei

Not even an issue, though you are still able to get a DPS Ana and Moira along with a Hog and an overaggressive Rein along with your other 2 DPS.

Was becoming less of an issue. If you recall, 4 DPS comps and bunker was starting to become quite prevalent near the end.

Still a thing. Role Q does not make people more likely to switch, I would argue it does the opposite since people do not want to wait 10 minutes just to play a hero they don’t want to.
Role Q even reduces the effectiveness of switching since people are now greatly limited to what heroes they can switch to.

Once again, can still happen. Especially with the introduction of priority pass.

2 stacking isn’t a staple of Role Q and is an entirely separate thing. Especially since it was added before Role Q.

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Its much worse now.

And we did nothing about it before RQ?

It is very hard to fix human nature. Which is the only thing I feel we cannot fix.

well if the game is actually balanced again the only complainers will be those who just get rolled by someone who is better

well a long time ago there were Defence heroes
in my opinion these heroes shouldn’t have all gone to dps most of them should have been reworked into tanks and supports
it adds more heroes to that role
In OW2 in my opinion no DPS should be added only Tank and support
(sorry for bringing it up they just say they have allot of heroes planned there so I am using it here) that way the que times should in theory drop as 80% of the roster isn’t in one role

Yet I feel it can never balanced, since everyone has their own version of a balanced game.

Depends on how good the tank and supports are. If they are too strong then they will be nerfed. Resulting in back to square one.

There are also those who dislike the role itself, rather than the heroes.

DPS queue times is really the only significant con about role queue. But the pros still outweigh it. I haven’t noticed any more divide in the community revolving around roles than what there always has been. And the game always needs to be rebalanced for a variety of reasons. At least with role queue, balancing in theory becomes easier.