In the end, I was right about RQ

Dont forget the thing that i called out would be a problem as well:

there are simply not enough characters in tank and support to divide the roles

Another thing that comes to my mind as a temp fix: You can swap roles with another person in your team.
Players who are good at Rhein are not necessarily good at Zarya for example. So if a DPS offers to play rhein instead of the tank, and the tank goes DPS since hes good at MCCree or smth, nothing changes for 2/2/2. Super easy fix, however, NYI since the devs are kinda lazy and have no idea tbh.

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Well, we dont know that for sure, it would have to be proven.

Wasnt this the case before too? People always had a preferred role

I don’t say role q didn’t increased it, but your quote sounds like people flexed but with role q suddenly everyone sticked with 1 role

It had to get rebalanced a bit, but really not that much. Can you show multiple examples of things wich had to get rebalanced?

That’s a pretty cool idea. Would probably get more people on comms as well.

I don’t understand the backlash against Role Queue. Giving players more options is never a bad thing, and when I’ve spent a few games trying to heal a team of 5 DPSs it is actually quite refreshing to slip back into a nice enforced 2-2-2.

True, I mostly play Open Queue because more interesting and experimental things are possible, but that doesn’t mean I’d want RQ to be removed.

I just… don’t queue for RQ when I’m not in the mood for it, simple as that.

They’re not good but they’re empty threats - the same way people will trash talk even if what they’re saying is far from the truth.

It’s what happens in every single online community - especially gaming.

Again, getting an empty “raged” threat is very different to actually wanting to do it.

You’ve exaggerated what is going on. Also, as I’ve said, wars over roles have been far more tame and people can use the identity of a role main to hide criticisms for playing specific heroes.

Roles have become more of a safe space that hardly existed before RQ.

That might work in mid Diamond+ where people actually start to have some game sense and awareness of what is even going on. In lower ranks Support players are going to have a bad time.

If I have the choice between 1/3/2 and Open Queue, then the game has 1 Tank Main less because I am not willing to take another punch just so DPS players have a minute less of queue time.

In the end 1/3/2 isn’t going to work for 1 very simple reason:
You can’t fix a shortage of Tank and Support players by making the game worse for most of them.

I think you are taking my comment way too literally. I know people are not that narrow to go out and try to harm someone over a game.

You’re the one that implied people genuinely want to kill you for playing DPS.

It’s your words that you’ve used.

They want too, but won’t actually do it.

No one wants to kill you for playing DPS.

People DONT want to kill eachother for playing a role.

Have to separate the 2 things…222 and RQ…

RQ is fine as it solves the issue of people playing the roles they want…though it’s worth noting that so did LFG…so it’s really just an automated version which people view more favorably…nothing “new”

222 however is a different story…because It doesn’t address the things that caused the problems that “necessitated” it

If the issue before was that nobody ever played tank/support than it doesn’t really address THAT

(worth noting that this is an exaggeration as Jeff/devs have noted that that’s what people played most of the time anyway)

all it does is ensure that you have 2 of each role…it doesn’t make you want to actually play those roles any more than you did before…so it created this enormous bottleneck for the game (hence the queue times)

You could also easily argue that it probably had a lot to do with the goats issue in OWL…

I’d argue it also put severe constraints on the game as it limits any real variety…(you’ll notice that you can really only run like 3 variations of comps now with 1 being meta as usual)…but that’s besides the point

The point is it that it exists simply to mitigate underlying problems…not to actually solve them…and so they remain…whilst creating new ones

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Well to be honest this wouldn’t be an issue at all if there was competence involved.

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Tell that to the guy who said he’s going to kill me for playing Sym. Or the guy who said he wishes death to every DPS player.

Did he kill you? Has he made attempts to track you down?

Most people don’t care enough and it’s empty threats that are part of trash talking.

I’m not excusing the empty threats but if what you were saying was remotely true, people would’ve died by now for being a dps/support/tank player.

Wanting to do something and actually doing it is very different. He wants me dead, but he won’t actually come and do it.

That is why “KYS” is a thing.

Dude. No one wants to kill you for playing Symmetra.

People may hate you or be angry at you but if people were that filled with rage, they would’ve atleast attempted to track you down or scare you more.

Meeting a random that sends a threat to you, which you never run into is not them wanting to kill you, wtf?

This feels more insulting as someone that has actually been stalked and dox’d.

Correction, they want to kill me, they just don’t care to actually do it.

Look I know he’s not going to come after me. Yet, he still wishes I was dead.

They don’t want to kill you.

If they don’t care “enough” to do it then they don’t want to do it.

Wanting to do something, is caring enough about it to do something.

You’re contradicting yourself.