In the end, I was right about RQ

Its much worse now. People want to kill each other over role mains.

Because RQ was a good first approach, but the dev team needs to go hard on testing 1-3-2, which is what the playerbase REFLECTS in numbers. And of course, this requires a total revamp of tanks.

The whole idea of TANKS is already iffy. A TANK is exactly that: a massive pillar that tries to get the aggression from the enemy to get to your team. Two tanks means the pillar is actually two columns. It makes the game extremely reliant on tank synergy because how they interact implies a barrier too strong to beat when combined, which eventually becomes meta.

One tank means flankers can get better chances because one tank can’t cover everything. This is how the game should be, imo.

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Because there were already problems around both of them.

There was already a huge divide, and the differences in amount of players were already causing huge problems.

Like, of COURSE they disregarded it, because they were not new problems.

Did you completely miss the Mercy rework?


I think 2-2-2 was what the game should have been on release.

Additionally it’s a joke it took them this long to implement flex queue.

It doesn’t help they glorify the dps role but make tanks miserable to play.


The three are true, but wrong. They never were the main problems that were fixed by RQ:

  • More consistent matches
  • Role based MMR
  • A guaranteed way to pick DPS and have a chance of a nice match without having to play the instapick game.
  • No switching roles to DPS after one lost teamfight.
  • GOATS, they say (don’t know, don’t care)

Perfect? Probably not, because people. Better than without? Definitely, from my point of view.


People said this before and it has improved since then. Also priority pass helps a lot, my que for DPS is super low now.

I don’t suscribe to this. There has always been and will always be a “divide” between people of different ideas because that is how things work. RQ didn’t really change that, it just made people be divided about something different.

I play on EU so maybe US is different, but Open Queue is perfectly fine here. Most of the time you get a 2/2/2 team or a 1/2/3.

Open Queue is the mode for me and I’m happy if people are getting what they need from 2/2/2, but Open Queue is the true way to play for me.

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role Q SAVED the game. it feels like a compwtitive game and not like a dps onetricks fiesta


It’s no coincidence that the cringeworthy, toxic meme of “Main Tank Difference” became popular the instant that the whining support or DPS player was unable to put their money where their mouth was and take over as main tank. Seeing as how they are an expert and all.

I do not get it, that only effects Mercy?

But its has never been this bad. Now you have to pick a role, you cannot flex anymore.

There are not the problems RQ fixed, these are the problems RQ made worse.

However I will say number 2 is the only one that can be fixed.

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No, there was a MASSIVE MASSIVE MASSIVE fight between the supports and DPS players.

It involved a lot more than Mercy.

The forums these days are positively tame in comparison.

Not really.
#1 showed up in a different way but it was a bigger one before roleQ.
#2 is never going to be fixed.
#3 it wasn’t in a good state before roleQ, so, that it isn’t in a good state after isn’t exactly news.

In the end, roleQ was FANTASTICALLY more popular than openQ is.
And that is because it fixed way more than it broke.

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I’m not sure that’s true - Tanks have been thrown under the bus for the past two years and it’s been reflected in the queue times.

Outside of gutting Mei, nothing has really been done to remove the tankbusterness of a bunch of the DPS cast.


222 was a great idea overall, but the devs are absolutely terrible at making this game, and executed it so horrendously that it has done nothing but make the game worse.


Yeah, I hate tanking now a lot more than I used to.


yes, but this last year has seen buffs to rein, dva, winston, so it’s happening. slowly, but it is. reaper is also being reworked to encourage going for the squishies instead of the tanks, so less tankbusterness. echo beam was nerfed, in a way clearly aimed at capping her effectiveness against tanks, etc…

Like, as a tank player I too was annoyed by the last few years, but we can’t deny that the recent direction is good and if we keep going this way tanks will be fun again.

Well, let’s hope that it maintains and they don’t just knee-jerk destroy all the tanks for the dozenth time because OWL can do things that 90% of the ladder can’t.


I know of no valid data that supports this claim

not at all

222 added many severe problems to the game…problems that the devs are still spending time/effort/money on bandaiding which in turn prevents them from spending time on game enhancements…and did nothing to “solve” any situation I’d call a problem


Because you ignore all of the data.

All of the top500 things, the stuff blizzard releases, all of the polls we have had…

Like, It isn’t actually weighing evidence with you, it is just a way to not have to look at a thing.

it is like when people ask you for the thing which openQ doesn’t have, and you go just kinda blank, or why you think roleQ is bad, it is like this crazy void, where you believe a thing, but have nothing to back it up with.


overall bad and it made the game worse imo


I dunno if anyone doubted that Damage queue times would blow out…

Also division between roles isn’t new either and was certainly around before role queue. The only roles that had no division were Offence/Defence cos even when divided, they were still functionally more or less the same :man_shrugging:t2:

This was also part of the reason for role queue. Supposedly it would be easier to balance if there was at least some limitations on what could be run.

Broadly, the biggest issue is that they seem incapable of making Tank heroes more broadly appealing which kinda has a massive choke hold queue times.