In the end, I was right about RQ

When 222 was first being proposed, I was against it. I had three main arguments as to why I disliked it.

  1. DPS queue times would be very high
  2. It will create a divide in the community between roles
  3. The game will need to be rebalanced for it

Sadly though it seems I was right about all these things. Though I find 1 and 2 interesting as most people wrote this off.

People said that for 1 they will find a way, for 2 the community will not stoop that low.

Now I am not saying I am happy about this or I dislike RQ. In fact I’ve grown to like it more. Yet in the end I am reflecting as to whether if this was overall good or bad.

You see, as much as I disliked RQ, I see it now in a different light. Its brought a lot of pros but also some cons. Yet the old system also had its pros and cons.

The good news though is that I feel number 3 can actually be fixed. Yet I do not think 1 will be fixed and I know 2 will never be fixed.

Its funny though, now that we have it, I do not want it gone.


222 was a good idea.

But I can’t comprehend how devs haven’t been focused on making the Tank playstyle more desirable.

With Open Queue, you need to balance for equal impact, to prevent role stacking 3-4 of the same role on a team.

With 2-2-2, they need to balance roles in the direction of equal popularity.
Devs mostly have not done that.
If anything, they have taken a lot of steps to make Tanks less desirable.


the balance is being rebalanced, it just took too long. tank busters were around for too long. dva was utterly breakdown-inducing to play for too long. how many regular tank players left the game while waiting for the 2/2/2 rebalance?

that being said two important things have been happening recently, even if late.

  1. There’s been regular changes to tanks and to tank busters that have regularly been improving the tank experience.
  2. There was the introduction of flex queue.

So long as we continue on these lines, 2/2/2 is going to be getting more fun with each iteration.


I think point 2 already existed pre-role queue and that point 1 is mainly a problem because of point 3.

DPS queue times will always be higher, yes. But they’re stupid high right now because the required rebalancing (which we all knew would be required) didn’t happen.


I feel the same way. I just think they could have executed it better for tanks.

Indeed, though I feel point 2 is much worse now.

Exactly! :smiley:

I love Role Queue , and its been steadily improving

Also, Open Queue exists for those who can’t stand waiting :hugs:


We never even needed it to begin with if honest.


Somebody on the dev team got it into their head that the way you resolve DoubleBarrier is at medium range.

When it would have been infinitely simpler to nerf/remove the AntiDive that DoubleBarrier has access to.

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Well…yeah? You want to play the most desirable role, so that’s to be expected.

I don’t know what you mean by this. Tank/DPS/Support mains have always existed, even before 222. It’s just the “Flex” minority that’s affected.

That was the positive point made. They were struggling to balance the game around the wide variety of team comps.

For example, I feel like Mercy had 50hps for so long because she had a strong niche in 1-3-2 but sucked as a main healer in 2-2-2.

Yet we did not prepare or try to balance it before hand.

I will try to be more clear, pretty much I am referring to how the community divides themselves into main roles. They did do this before but now people are doing it more and attacking others based on roles.

Rebalancing is good, just not during RQ. I feel they should have rebalanced heroes before RQ.


I actually disagree. ‘Support mains’ or ‘Tank mains’ would frequently be blamed for ‘throwing’ for daring to pick a damage hero and be pressured into switching prior to 222. Now that roles are decided pre-game, that aspect is removed entirely.

I would say the way roles are represented in the community now is different, yes but generally way less toxic.


Yes, the vast majority of the issues that people warned would happen did happen and are still happening and not many problems were actually fixed, just like many people said.

Tanking has steadily gotten worse, queue times are still a major issue, there is an increase in toxicity as tribalism has gotten worse.

Yes, I have come to accept the reality of RQ being in the game, though I am still able to see all of its many flaws and still continue to see issues that have been inevitably brought by Role Q.


The thing is, jeff was right, you cant just flip the switch and implement it.
Then they did that. And to this moment, they still trying to do all things that should be done for it to work. The things even they knew will be problematic, like dps q times.
The role q was added to early, in fear of goats or some other meta like that dominating another OWL i guess…


I never really noticed that until now. However I do feel instead we are attacking others for queuing as said roles. Which I feel leads to more blaming since they cannot swap. To me at least it does feel like the same thing.

I was unaware Jeff was against it.

He was pro it, just said that he cant just add it with nothing to be done about it.

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There is no solution for this at all.

Prior if I ever wanted to counter flying units with hitscan I’d have to swap off tank or support and many situations I’d be the only support or tank. It frustrating there.

If you can’t swap now its a similar issue.

The fundamental problem is that there 6 players on the enemy team and you cannot counter everyone. You have to pick something and I prefer this situation of 2/2/2 so that its guaranteed we never end up in a 1/3/2 situation that could evolve in to a 4/2/0 or 0/3/3/.

The only way to make this easier woudl be to make more tank/support that could slot in for various situations. S76 is a great damage dealer and anti-flying, but McCree to me is better anti-flying, and anti-flank.

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There is no solution to this due to it being a problem with human nature. However it can still be made worse, and I feel RQ did just that.

You are right, you are unable to fill anymore and have to rely on your team.

The bottom line is “balance” will always clash with fun. Nerfing the fun out of tank/support is what made dps q what it is. Quit crying for reworks to tanks and healers, and quit gimping utility for raw mechanical skill. This game is nothing like it was at launch, and that’s a bad thing.


Overall, RQ was a major change to the game. Just like how invoking no duplicate heroes early in OW’s history changed up how things were balanced. No longer did you have to worry about people coming up with 6 torbjorns or something.

2/2/2 we knew was going to change things and would have impacts. The question has always been is it a better change than it used to be?

In my experience playing quick play I want to say I have continually seen <2min tank, <5min support and DPS fluctuate from like <5min to <10min. ON occasion I see Support <9min.

I am disgruntled over people picking stuff that is not ideal, but as a tank player I never have ever ever have to deal with the situation of being the only tank or having only one support. Two tanks, and the one support pick you have is a Zenyatta. That type of change alone improved the quality of my enjoyment of playing tank so much.

It also fixed stuff I had issues with which was the idea of triple flanker. 2 flankers is a pain in the butt, but 2 flankers and 2 tanks always gives me the option to just fall back on shoot and bully the tanks. They an live through it where it would KO anyone else. It also made the idea of playing support far more fun because evading tanks is easier than evading DPS and being the only support with 3 DPS around always felt awful.

So, for me, tanking/support satisfaction went way up. Now, with the whoel priority pass thing my flexing on tank/support has lead to guaranteeing <5min DPS queue as well.

Overall, I have been a happy custom of the whole ordeal. I’d probably be more upset if I was actually the DPS person in like 4000 rank. But, I am not. I’m the flex player who largely plays everything including tank/support most, but in quick play. Supports are in a great spot to me due to the variety of characters now that brig exists and tank would feel much better if they gave them a pinpoint hitscan tank to be able to deal with flying characters more reliably in the case no one ever picks it from dps/support.

Which means to me this only gets better the more tank/support that come out.


A role divide has ALWAYS existed?? What are you talking about

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