Impossible to Change Illari's Pylon Healing

Using (Event Ability == Button(Ability 2)) does not work.

So without simultaneously increasing the support healing passive it’s impossible to change.


It is the same as Torb and Sym. Buildables are like a new entity that cannot be modified by workshop.

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Yes true, but I think the Event Ability should work for all of those abilities, to be able to know when damage or healing is dealt from the ability source (the buildable entity).


An annoying way is just that, track Event Healing and Event Damage for these entities. To have more access about them to really differentiate between buildables, players and the new custom projectiles, ability sources is requested several times. But nothing in that matter to provide such access is made yet and is doubtful to believe will ever happen since the core game has higher priority than ever especially since the PvE disturbtion.

are you saying “Event Healing == Button(Ability 2)”?

I thought Event Healing and Event Damage were only numerical values.

Yeah they are numerical values, so you need to compare it with a number, for Illari’s pylon it would be 30 healing. “Event Healing == 30”

no that doesn’t work. The healing is not burst, it’s a short heal over time. So unfortunately that method fails.

As stated, it’s not possible to do.

Since Illari only has 2 ways to heal (i think), so just use event ability != Button(Secondary fire)

But that doesn’t differentiate between the pylon healing on Illari herself and her passive healing on herself. So changing healing recieved or dealt under that condition would also change the passive healing value, but you want to seperate them, and identify excactly that only pylon heals.

I forgot about the heal passive, so i think keep the event ability != button(secondary fire) but also put event healing == 13.5 because thats the hps of pylon, also put a var we’ll call PylonUse at the beginning of the action set PylonUse as true and at the end put it as false and in the conditions make sure event player.PylonUse != true so it dosent loop

Shouldn’t the easiest solution be scaling all of Illaris healing through the Custom game settings and then rescaling all but the turrets healing via Workshop script…
or are Customs that neglected that even the CG settings no longer work on all hero abilities?

In regard to OP’s initial problem and goal to scale the healing yes, that works.


sorry but did you not read the post? That method doesn’t work for her. Event Ability == Button(Ability 2) does not register.

If it did work, you could simply add healing to the healee. But it doesn’t.

@Teawy: the base hero settings work, but Event Ability does not work for many new heroes’ abilities. I thought the post was quite clear that Event Ability does not work for the pylon.

But I don’t want to increase her beam healing, or self healing passive. Just the Pylon. If Event Ability worked, then I could simply add healing when healing with Ability 2 is triggered.

How would I individually adjust her passive or beam healing?

main issue is I want to split the beam and pylon.

how do you script the beam then?

Event Ability = Secondary? Even that, not sure how it would help if I want to increase pylon without increasing beam

wait really? Heal mods don’t affect her Pylon?

By logic they should, they never did for Sym / Torb and Ashe with their turrets.

Hence I asked back up there if Illari is consistent with the remaining cast.

I’ll have to try it.

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