Importing code doesn't work with some codes in the new PTR patch


I’m trying to import my hot potato gamemode into the PTR, but I get an error. It works with my Steal the crown gamemode tho. I also made sure it works on live servers, and it does. Here is the code I’m trying to import : M5DDB


having this same issue with all my codes

(Keith Miron) #3

Codes created on the live build were not copied into this PTR, and codes from this PTR will not be copied back to Live.

Sorry for the pain, but once this patch goes live, the text based copy/paste can be used to migrate your work .


Oh that explains why my other gamemode worked. It was created on the last PTR. Got it


Great, all the time i put into making my mode is for nothing…


Not at all.

If you made the mode on the live server, it will still be there when the PTR patch goes live.

If you made it on the PTR, copy all your rules into a text file, and you’ll be able to paste them into a mode on the live server after the patch goes live.