Important Workshop Announcement

Hi guys, we’re going to be winding down PTR soon. If you haven’t already done so, make sure to generate codes for work that you want to have carried over once PTR shuts down. You have this weekend to do so, but no guarantees after that!

We also just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your game modes, aim trainers, hero abilities and everything else that you guys have made in the workshop! We’ve been blown away by the positive reception, and we can’t wait to continue to improve the workshop moving forward.


Are there big changes not included on PTR for Workshop that will be included on Live that you guys have worked on this week?


Cheers Keith and Dan, hoping to be able to have armour and shield grants soon could be really nice.

Could be nice to have a blank hero template also, but I assume this would require far too much ground work.


You may want to spread this arround more guys, this is pretty hidden here in the PTR forums


Any balance changes this patch?

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What does this mean, exactly? The PTR is shutting down to prepare for the push to live? Or was the Workshop only open for a short period for testing?

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Just tried to save my presets and I’ve hit a limit :c


yes, that’s what they usually do before a patch is released to the live servers.

ETA on this?

Same, do we know how long they take to generate?

The PTR will shutdown, a couple of days will probably pass for them to make it fully ready for both live pc and console, and then it will go live on all platforms forever.

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hope you make a tweet and make a facebook post, so more people are aware!

as MagyTheMage said its very well hidden, and im sure a lot of people don’t visit the forums regularly/ at all.

it could lead to a lot of :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:-people, with a lot of work lost :sweat_smile:

(curious: will there be an workshop section on the forums down the line?)


is it a sign that it may go live during anniversary event? =D

Excited to hear it! Will the patch to Live have any further additions or changes over the current PTR build? Or will the Workshop released on the Live servers be functionally identical to the one we currently have on PTR?

There’s a problem that you are limited to how many share code you can generate at a time. This will create problems for people who has many presets of project and project iterations.

You are only allow to generate code for sharing 5 times. After that, you are no longer able to create any more code for sharing. This is a problem for me since I have a dozen of preset custom games.


All right, any way to get around that? Can your friends generate codes for you?

I just check back in an hour, I was able to generate a few codes. So we’re limit to 5 per hours it seems.


Can we earn experience for playing Workshop games? I would love to farm anniversary boxes by just playing a bunch of fun DM modes like Hero Gauntlet.

Role queue confirmed next Tuesday.

Make this a notification in game on PTR.